Thrifting Thursday

I could have called this post “The One Where I’m Not Wearing Pants,” but…I thought that  might attract the wrong sort of attention.

I revisited Savers again today. I tried to really have an open mind as I looked through the racks….but. But I have a very limited color palette (which is a fancy way of saying I’m picky), so my eyes slide past a LOT of “no’s” before they’re able to slow down at a maybe. I did manage to find a couple things to bring into the fitting room…and one item actually came home with me (woohoo), in addition to two books that are on my “want to read” list.

First, this was my outfit of the day. A dress. Which will help you understand the “no pants” comment in a moment.

Sleeveless Patterned Swing Dress by Loft, comparable here in plus size and here in straight size

Ah. No pants! Ha. Anyway, my love of striped tops made me bring this into the fitting room even though it’s only a 2x. Not surprisingly, it’s way too tight. I am not a tight-fitting clothes gal.


This I tried on just for the color and stripiness of it (it’s a sickness). The fit was not good. I wouldn’t have gotten it anyway with the flowery decal things. I find embellishments like that very dating. In five years the striped top will still look fine, but the morning glories will be so twenty-teens.


I can’t even show you the next two on cuz I had no pants AND no tee shirt underneath. But a few weeks ago I was standing in line behind a woman wearing black trainers, black leggings, a long-sleeved tunic-length grey tee with a red and grey plaid button-down shirt tied around her waist. That look could be messy…but she made it into perfect athleisure chic and I haven’t been able to get the look out of my mind. Now, I can’t tie anything around my waist (I’ve always said plus size designers should make a shirt with crazy extra-extra-long sleeves just so big-tummied girls can tie them around their waists!) but I can wear something unbuttoned over a tee and maybe get the same look. This lilac color is not in my usual palette, but I like the soft navy stripes and I have navy leggings…AND it’s a very lightweight drapey fabric, which I like.


I tried this top for the same reason as the one above but this one did not pass the fabric test. Also very lightweight, but in a floaty sheer cottony way, as opposed to the rayon drapey way of the lilac shirt above. For me, drapey: yes, floaty: no.


So this is what came home with me. I’ve got a vacation week coming up and I plan to spend many days on the beach and am stockpiling books in preparation. Plus, look how nicely color coordinated everything is!


tried to buy this Dalmatian candle for my niece but, shockingly, she was not interested. I know she will live to regret that.


And that is the extent of this week’s thrifting adventure. I wish I could have the good luck of Maggie of Thriftshop Fashionista, she finds super cute things All The Time!!!

Hope everyone has something nice planned for the weekend!

xoxo Bettye


13 thoughts on “Thrifting Thursday

    1. I used to have much better luck when I was shopping for my ebay store, but I was going into a dozen shops every week so there was much more selection. Now my schedule (ie, laziness) only allows me to get to the one nearby store every couple weeks so…not so much selection. But I remember back in the day, the treasures I would find – both for re-sale and for personal wearing – Oh, The Thrill!

      Have you found some good things in your thrifting?


  1. Unfortunately I rarely find clothes at thrift shops. I do manage to find way to many other things for my home. Books are my favorite thing to hunt for.

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    1. Yes, “stuff” much easier to find than clothes in my size. But even in STUFF, there’s a lot that’s easy to leave there. Even books (which I love) – I see the same titles and authors over and over and over again…and so rarely anything I’m wanting to read. Yesterday was a rare find, two books actually on my list!

      I’ve gotten *pretty* good about not buying more things for my home. Which is not to say I NEVER succumb, but it’s pretty controlled. What kind of things do you find yourself buying?


      1. I’d love to find a great set of Christmas dishes. The set I have is dwindling because dishes have been broken. It was a wedding present from 30 years ago. I use them as everyday dishes for holidays. I also look for vintage flowered bed sheets from the 1970”s.. I’d like to make a simple quilt out iof all those groovy patterns. 🙂

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  2. So, I have to say I agree with your niece about the candle b/c when you start to use it, it will be quite gruesome. I found your embellishment comment interesting. Do you mean the embroidery will look out of style in 5 years or that it makes the person wearing it look outdated now? I find embellishments like that can lean more towards traditional grandma style, like it’s too precious. I’m off to two graduation open houses this weekend (what’s that? you say) so some meh activity. But hopefully a photo shoot on Sunday in a really pretty location. Depends on weather, sun, wind, daughter so we’ll see. Hope you had a good week at work!

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    1. Ha, she (niece) commented that she would never be able to burn it. I realized it may not even make the trip to SoCal in the heat, so…the Dali is still sitting there on the shelf. Re the embroidery, uhm, yeah, I was trying to nicely say…leave it on the rack. Nuff said. Ooh, I’m having a photo shoot Sunday, too…wish I was photo shooting tomorrow at my Very Exciting Destination (I’ll leave the reveal for Week in Review) but I don’t want to torture my friends there (I mean, I WANT to, but I’m not GOING to). Work. It’s Friday. Nuff said. Enjoy your graduation…things.

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  3. I love the plaid shirt you came home with—-the colors are amazing, Bettye!!
    It’s such a treasure hunt to go thrift shopping, and I’ve been trying to only concentrate on colors that look good on me. Why spend money on items that don’t make us look our best!!!
    Have a fabulous weekend!!

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  4. Thanks for the shout-out, Bettye! I love the purple plaid you came home with. Thrifting can sometimes be frustrating just because you can’t try something in another size if it doesn’t fit properly! When I first started, I would come home with everything just because it was so cheap. And then I would have piles of clothes that didn’t go with anything else. So I’m much more discriminating when buying for myself, but can indulge my thrift love by finding cute things to sell that others will love and buy.

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