Week in Review: Week 119

It was a week. I’ll give the Mon-Fri portion a 50 out of a possible hundred. And the weekend a 91. Would have been better if I felt better – but I’ve had this low-lying cold for almost two weeks now. Missed one day of work when I was fevery/achey, but now it just keeps moving between my throat, nose and chest. So I’m feeling exhausted and easily winded today…cancelled this morning’s photo shoot because the thought of changing and posing and sweating and coughing while trying to look good was very unappealing so I’ll be scrambling for photos again this week.

Confession, the photo below is not from this week but it went astray for a bit and I just found it this week, so. It’s actually from that lovely beach evening I had a few weeks back, on our way out the sun was just hitting the water under the bridge so we pulled the car over quickly and jumped out for a quick pic.


So much greenery. And such a pretty herringbone pattern in the brick sidewalk.


Every Friday evening from May-August there’s live music in the park at the end of Main St. This week was a bluegrassy singer named Willie Steele. I went down there by myself and just enjoyed listening and people-watching.

happenings on main 6.15.18 3 resized

I love people-watching.

happenings on main 6.15.18 4 resized

Saturday we drove about 70 miles north to Yorktown Heights, NY to a lovely place called Faraway Farm Alpacas, which is an alpaca ranch! We got a tour from proprietor Leda, who was very welcoming and full of information. She let us go in one of the pastures with “the girls.” They’re inquisitive but a little shy and not so fond of petting like a dog or horse might be…

alpaca 2

linda and alpaca faraway farms 6.16.18 8 resized


But Layla lay down in the shade right where we were standing and obligingly let everyone take selfies with her.

linda and alpaca faraway farms 6.16.18 resized
My friend Linda who does a lot of the photographs on this blog!

There were also a couple Icelandic horses who were happily munching grass.

linda and alpaca faraway farms 6.16.18 6 resized

Come on, who can resist those anime-like eyes and those eyelashes!

linda and alpaca faraway farms 6.16.18 4 resized

It’s definitely a worthwhile stop if you’re in the area, email in advance to schedule a tour. There was also a little shop on-site that sold handmade things using the alpaca hair shorn here on the farm. We’re already planning another visit, but next time we’ll go back earlier in the year, pre-shearing, when the alpacas are at their foofiest. Note, alpacas do not actually wear little hats like this (though it would be super cute if they did!).

linda and alpaca faraway farms 6.16.18 7 resized

A little side story (isn’t there always??), back when I was married my ex and I spent a couple days in North Carolina looking for property to buy and someday build a retirement home on. I can’t recall now how it happened, but we wound up at a llama farm and convinced ourselves we were going to start breeding llamas and eventually this business would supplement our retirement income. I still had the horses in the backyard at that time so it wasn’t an entirely preposterous thought, but…eventually we came to our senses and did not add any llamas to our already sizable menagerie. But I did love them.

Me & my llama love

We got lost like six times driving in and out of the alpaca farm, but we found this nifty bridge…


And went for a very short walk at Turkey Mountain Nature Preserve.

turkey mountain

And today I rested.




12 thoughts on “Week in Review: Week 119

  1. We looked at the alpaca farm site after you said that—-Rob is just shocked that he lived there for his entire childhood and never knew about that place. My knitting friend has about 5 alpacas and she sells the yarn. It’s such a soft fiber, and I love to knit with it!!
    I hope you feel better soon–

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  2. I think you and I would have been friends if we had met when we were younger! Though my husband would never consider a llama farm, I would for sure! This is a fun thing you’re doing with your blog — touring us around to cool places. Sounds like a natural direction for your blog perhaps? I know I certainly enjoy it! Well, I hope you’re feeling better and kick that cold.

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  3. Awh, how cute you to see the alpacas and Icelandic horses.. what a fun part of the world you live in 💗 esp the live music in the park. I hope your cold goes away fast, I always steam myself.. and drink tea where I put in either fresh lemon slices ( esp the peel ) to orange peels with a bit of honey ..💗💗 take care of yourself xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

  4. That photo of the Icelandic horse is just sensational. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. I’m sorry you were not feeling better but I’m glad the weekend turned in a better direction.
    Also loved seeing you with the alpacas. Gorgeous sunset too !

    Liked by 1 person

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