Week in Review: Week 121

It’s Sunday evening, I’m inside with the ac on as it was a very hot day…I can see the sky is looking beautiful down towards the harbor but I don’t have it in me to drive the 5 minutes to see it. I was going to try and shoot an outfit tonight by myself but…not happening. Summer comes and I just go to hell in a handbasket. Now that’s an odd expression! Okay, the week.

First of all, it was camp week at work, which means only a handful of our usual kids were there and many unfamiliar kids were there instead, for a week of…well, let me just show you. I can’t share the pictures here but I can give you the link to the camp week blog post I did -> Camp NSSA 2018

Monday night I saw the Mr. Roger’s movie “Won’t You Be My Neighbor.” Very endearing. Sad that he’s gone.

Image result for won't you be my neighbor

Tuesday I had dinner with friends…



Then we went to a little nearby beach for a short walk and sunset.


Wednesday was National Sunglasses Day…


And I found this little peekaboo view of the harbor through someone’s yard.


I watched the sunset and a g’boy sat near me doing the same.


Thursday night I was pooped and came home and just crashed on the sofa in the ac. For hours. It was delightful.

I bought half a pie.


I made it through the work week to Friday…and now I’m on VACATION!!!

Saturday, Katie and I drove into Brooklyn for Smorgasburg. We tried to do a photo shoot and it was ridiculous. There were so many people, it was so so hot, I was dripping and red faced and about to keel over. It’s like the worst photo shoot ever, ha. So, you have that to look forward to on Wednesday.




On our way to dropping Katie off at her friend’s apartment in the city we drove alongside protesters against Trump’s immigration policies marching across the Brooklyn Bridge. All we could do in the moment was honk, thumbs up and WOOHOO them in support. Thanks to Katie for the video.

It Was Very Hot.


It took me THREE HOURS to drive home cuz Long Island.

Today I did work in the morning (was uncharacteristically productive) then went to the ex’s for his daughter’s graduation party. It’s too hot for me to be out among the people anymore. I can be 1) in the air conditioning or 2) at the beach. Those are my options til like mid-September. See ya then 🙂

OH! I totally forgot to include my 1 Second Every Day video in yesterday’s Month in Review post, so it’s going right here.

Hope y’all have a nice week!



13 thoughts on “Week in Review: Week 121

  1. What was that food item with the strawberries? I’m from the midwest (land of unexotic food) so not sure what that purple goo was and am curious!
    I get the same way with photo shoots: hot, cranky, wrinkly ready to just throw the towel in.
    I’m glad it’s not winter but this heat wave is the worst b/c we don’t have AC in my house. Usually it keeps cool on it’s own from the cool air in the basement (and has only gotten up to 82) but after a couple of days it’s exhausted of its cold and if it doesn’t get below 72 or so at night the house just doesn’t cool down. And I’ve been getting up at 5:30 to get things done before it’s too hot (which is why I’m the first one to comment here!) Keep cool Bettye!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t actually know what all was in there – I recognized chia pudding and it was maybe an acai sorbet…and the “flower” was a dried pineapple slice…a couple mango slices, granola and cherries or cranberries? Vegan ice cream? That was Katie’s selection while I stood in line for a pineapple/raspberry/agave drink in a pineapple shell – which was lovely, but weighed a ton!

      No ac? Nope. Pass.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We had central air here when we moved in but we traded it to a neighbor for some electrical work. We are such an outdoor family that the cool of the inside would make the outside seem even hotter. So we adjust. Plus I don’t like the smell of AC.

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  2. I can totally relate about it being hot for photos. we’ve been trying to go out in the mornings when it’s cooler, but I also don’t love setting the alarm too early—-ugh!!
    That sunset photo is so magnificent, Bettye!! You could see that one, I bet!!

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  3. It sure has been roasty toasty. I watched my 14 month old grandson this past weekend.I was sweating with the air conditioning on. 😳 That little guy sure can move fast. Enjoy your vacation. Are you going to go see fireworks tomorrow?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Roasty-toasty is right! Today felt so much better, only going into the high 80s, but still! Oh gosh, I can’t imagine chasing after a toddler in this heat! I’m enjoying my vacay immensely, not doing anything in particular, and that’s exactly the point! Don’t know about fireworks tomorrow…it looks like maybe rain, and there’s always SO many people – not that I mind crowds it just makes everything take forever – traffic, parking, etc. We’ll see. What about you?


      1. I love fireworks but the crowds and traffic are a bit much. We decided to have friends over for campfire and s’mores. Maybe a bit of wine too. 🍷🍷🍷

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      2. I’m always on the lookout for a spot within view of the fireworks but not actually at the venue. Haven’t found anything for this evening but it’s looking pretty overcast anyway. S’mores, friends and wine sound good though!


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