Sentence a Day: July (Best & Worst Edition)

I did this a little differently this time. Rather than just listing the things I did (which can read a bit boring, even to me!), I’ve shared the Best and Worst Things from each day. Sometimes when I get in a “nothing is good” funk, this exercise helps me to remember that there is some good every day. But I can only acknowledge the good by recognizing the bad, so…here is my “Best Thing/Worst Thing” of July. Let me know how you like this format.

7.1  Best Thing: I was motivated and productive and spent 6 hours completing a blog project I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Yay Me. Worst Thing: Saying goodbye to Katie again 😦 The visits are too short.

Picture: Old, but one of my favorites of us together. I think this was on my birthday in 2016

7.2 It was a Day of Bests: In spite of some anxiety I got myself to the beach and it was wonderful. My friend joined me and WENT IN THE WATER WITH ME!!! We’ve been going to the beach together for YEARS and I’ve never see her in past her ankles – Yay, Mochi! And I saved a drowning ladybug. The Worst Thing? I didn’t even want to think about a worst thing today as the day was so lovely…but then I looked at my checking account balance. Oofah. Downer.

7.3 Worst Thing: Due to my own procrastination (I HATE making phone calls and put them off As Long As Possible) I can’t get an appointment for a week-and-a-half to get my car detailed (it’s still Very Doggy from Caleb) so I can’t start Ubering this week (re-read yesterday’s Worst). Other Worst (ugh): I kept seeing out the window that the sky looked amazing at sunset and I just never got myself out there and now I’m kicking myself for missing it. Other Worst (I got a million of’em!): The blog post I wrote for tomorrow is like The Worst. The Best? Uhm…that nothing EVEN worse happened.



7.5 Best Thing: Spent the day at the beach and it was glorious. Worst Thing: Got a BT (BLT minus the L) on my way home and it was HOT. Like they put the whole sandwich under the broiler after assembling it. So the roll was hot, the mayo was hot, the tomato was hot. Weird and ew. Why would they do such a thing? I’ve never had a hot BT in my entire life! BUT if the worst thing that happens in a day is that my sandwich is weird…that’s not a bad day.

7.6 Best Thing: Had a full, fun day with a girlfriend out east, a lovely lavender farm as our main destination. Worst Thing: When I went to pay for something in the shop at the lavender farm, my debit card was missing! Oh no! Other Best Thing/Luckiest Thing: When I said to the cashier, “don’t start ringing it up yet, I can’t find my debit card!” the other cashier starts asking me “WHAT’S YOUR NAME? WHAT’S YOUR NAME?” I was like, huh? “Bettye Rainwater,” and she reaches under the counter and hands me my debit card! It had fallen out of my jacket pocket while I was traipsing around the field and someone had already found it and handed it in! Phew! The lovely day continued.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 7.6.18 8 resized

7.7 Best Thing: Did absolutely nothing. Worst Thing: Did Absolutely nothing.

7.8 Worst Thing: And by worst thing I really mean Saddest Thing…went to a good friend’s father’s wake. Best Thing: Was blog productive in the afternoon which means more free after-work afternoons

7.9 Worst Thing: Vacation over. Back to work. Barely slept. It’s The Worst Thing Trifecta. Best Thing: Went to beach straightaway after work and it was delightful.


7.10 Worst Thing: How can I fall behind so quickly? Already behind on week’s blog work so missed out on dinner with friends, boo. Best Thing: They got to go to their favorite Greek restaurant, which I don’t like so much. Best thing for them, that’s okay. I don’t need to be greedy.

7.11 Worst Thing: I forgot to get my free Slurpee! Best Thing: I did my first Uber ride. Was sort of a cheat, as it was for a friend, but still. Other Worst Thing: Had a disturbing vision/brain/who-knows-what occurrence…a friend said maybe it was an ocular migraine. Dunno, but it scared the you-know-what out of me. OTHER Worst Thing: Washed my two favorite summer dresses. Delicate cycle, cold water, no dryer. And they both shrank! One is no longer wearable, boo. The other is wearable but is not the delight it once was. I’m a little devastated. As devastated as one can be when losing an article of clothing. I mean, you know, come on. It’s clothing. Not my child.

7.12 Best Thing: Got my car washed and detailed, so it’s clean for the first time in ages. Worst Thing: The cleaner they used inside the car REEKS. It wasn’t an immediately recognizable cleaner scent, like pine or lemon or “mountain fresh.” I couldn’t place it til I got in the car later after sitting in the sun with the window up…just cleaned public restroom.  Oofah. Like, cheap industrial cleaners just barely masking an unpleasant toilet-y odor below. It was not good. The car didn’t smell prior to the cleaning, it was just dirty. Ugh.


7.13 Best Thing: Friday. Worst Thing: Car still stinks, can’t pick up rides like this!

7.14 Best Thing: Had photoshoot with great photographer after rescheduling like a million times all spring and summer! Worst Thing: I’m crippled. Walking around for 90-minutes in non-supportive shoes really does a number on my feet and hips. I can wear non-supportive shoes most days to work and that’s fine cuz I’m not normally doing a lot of walking. Other Best Thing: Because I’m crippled I feel justified in lying on the sofa all afternoon reading, when there are really other things I should be doing.


7.15 Best Thing: #NationalIceCreamDay! Worst Thing: #SundayNightBlues

national ice cream day

7.16 Best Thing: Went to the beach after work for some solo beach zen downtime. Worst Thing: Monday

7.17 Best Thing: Got my ASOS order super fast. Worst Thing: ASOS dresses ridiculously sized.

red asos dress resized

7.18 Best Thing: Got a $5 tip on a $5.78 Uber ride! Worst Thing: This week is taking For. Ever.

7.19 Best Thing: First day this week I got to go straight home after work and had no plans! Worst Thing: Effed something up at work and feel like crap.

7.20 Best Thing: FRIDAY!!! Worst Thing: Alarm didn’t go off, overslept and was late to work – first time this has happened since we started using new clock-in app at work and I will be docked 7 minutes pay. Ugh.

7.21 Best Thing: My new COTTON nightgown arrived – woven cotton, not knit – so it is COOOOOOL, baby! What a difference wearing that vs. the cheapy synthetic nightgown I’ve been wearing for almost two years! This will DEFINITELY get 30 wears. This will get three hundred wears! Worst Thing: It was a stunning day – cool, dry, breezy – and I didn’t set foot outside the apartment.

7.22 Best Thing: It was a good blend of productive and relaxing. Got some blog work done and did two Uber rides, but also went to the park and watched a movie. Worst Thing: #SundayBlues

7.23 Worst Thing: Went to storage by myself (hate going by myself, it’s creepy and hard) and couldn’t even find what I went there for. Best Thing: The unit was emptier than I remembered. Maybe I can get it emptied out by the end of the year!


7.24 Best Thing: Got to see my two girlfriends who I haven’t seen in awhile because life. Was good to catch up. Worst Thing: I’m very very tired. So tired.

7.25 Best Thing: I got to come home after work and do absolutely nothing. No Worst Thing about that.

7.26 Worst Thing: My computer is in a coma! I don’t know if it can come back from this!!! Best Thing: I was almost done with the Friday blog, just had to add a couple things and schedule it, which I managed to do from my phone, so I’m not thrown off schedule. Yet.


7.27  Best Thing: Got some awesome pictures at work today. I now do a Week in Review blog post at work like I do here. It seems pretty popular! Worst Thing: I tried a couple workarounds for my computer situation and none of them worked. I’m gonna have to take it somewhere and throw money at them to Please Fix It!!!

7.28 Worst Thing: Had to work all day on a Saturday and it was The Hottest Day in the History of the Planet. Best Thing: Someone suggested one more thing to try with my computer and it worked!!! I’m back in business and will take the $$$ I was going to spend on repair or new purchase and invest in a 1-year subscription to Carbonite, so everything will automatically back-up to the cloud and someday when the pc dies for real, I won’t have to panic about my files.

7.29 Best Thing I spent the entire day on the working-again computer! Worst Thing:  Heard some bad news about a friend.

7.30 Worst Thing: Monday. Best Thing: Above-mentioned friend is okay.

7.31 Best Thing: Went to the movies with an old friend. Worst Thing: Got funky stomach right after movie and had to dash off before we could really chat.

And that was the Best and Worst of July! I’m undecided if I’m going to keep this up. Thoughts??

I’m linking up with Jodie at Jodie’s Touch of Style.


10 thoughts on “Sentence a Day: July (Best & Worst Edition)

    1. I didn’t get it fixed, but the workaround start process is still working (yay). Yesterday was payday, so today I will subscribe to Carbonite. That doesn’t fix the problem, but at least one day when it absolutely will not start again I’ll still have access to my files.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. ahhh. the “blue screen of death” is real.

    Fortunately it turned out to be the Black Screen of Near Death, as it is still functional with a workaround start 🙂 Phew!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the day when both the best and worst were that you did absolutely nothing….I have days like that too.
    It’s funny because I do try to treat my SAD post as a best thing of the day. I know Rob always calls me a Pollyanna, but I can’t help myself.
    And what a relief that someone found your debit card—that’s the WORST feeling ever!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes, was *very* fortuitous that someone turned it in before I got to the register! And it turns out the cashier had googled my name and called my phone number to say they had my card (having no idea I was actually right there at the time!) but of course, being the non-phone-answerer that I am, had turned off the ringer when the call came in 🙂 Fortunately the first thing that comes up under my name is my photography site with contact info. I happened to be with my friend-who-shall-remain-nameless that day and said SEE? It was a GOOD THING she was able to access my contact info from the web! If I hadn’t been buying anything that day, I wouldn’t have know where my card was without her calling me so – WEB ANONYMITY NOT ALWAYS A GOOD THING! Ahem.


  4. YAY!!! So glad to meet you and have you join us for SaD. My laptop and Google Chrome have given me fits for almost a week now so I can relate to having a computer on the fritz. So aggravating.

    How do you like driving for Uber? I have been in search of a good part-time job and contemplated trying that. Where your car may smell a bit puppyish but car smells a bit kittyish. Especially since my ‘girls’ had to go to the vet twice last week. Going to clean it good tomorrow.

    If you have any trouble finding a place for that interesting wicker basket in your storage unit, I can help you out!! It looks like a lovely piece. I organized the garage this spring and it was brutal but looks so much better now. Here’s to getting your storage unit cleaned out very soon.


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