Week in Review: Week 126

It was…a pretty good week. A work event was behind us, and it always feels good to move beyond the mad rush leading up to an event. I got some good photos for the blog I do at work, and that felt good. I had a good mix of social evenings and “at home alone” evenings. My only real complaint (well, besides a friend who is ignoring my emails, grr) would be the weather. It is just SO so hot, I don’t even want to go sit at the beach in the evening and watch the sunset. I just want to go home to the aircon (ps, I’m watching too many UK youtubers and watching too much British tv, I’m starting to pick up and use some of their slang without even realizing. and even when I do realize, I like it, and keep doing it).

Sad flowers.


Fashion Schlub was included in Gwynnie Bee’s Best Member Moments of July post. I’ve shared this tidbit umpteen times. Whee, I’m a narcissist!


While I’m still on the subject of ME (!!!), I’ll also mention that FS was also included in Independent Fashion Bloggers Links à la Mode Summer Round Up Party: A listing of fashion bloggers (below) you might want to check out. I love looking at accounts I’ve never seen before and finding new favorites (I’m definitely going to take a look at that second one!).

My friend Linda and I went to a cool open studio gallery thing in Brooklyn – it was a huge space with art exhibits and installations, appies and wine and interactive workshops/sessions.

I got a kick out of this artist (I picked up her card and now I can’t find it!). She combined crochet (aka yarn bomb torture activity) with lighting and 3D images.


It doesn’t come across in the photo but the leopard in the center of the piece is actually 3D. How do people come up with this stuff? I’m so ashamed of my mind when I see things like this, like why can’t you ever come up with anything original?? 


Vintage tin ceiling tiles and moss.


Scraggly yarn (?) curtain in front of film of hand.


This put me in mind of Noah’s Ark.


we become everything we love


We did marbling. Mine’s on the left, Linda’s on the right. It was so cool. I wanted to do more.


I’m a sweaty Bettye poodlehead

We did the most amazing meditation. In the past when I’ve gone to meditation classes they were Buddhism-based, and I liked them very much. And a couple times a week I use a guided meditation app on my phone and just do a 5-10 minute breath-based meditation, and that’s fine. But this was like…SOUL meditation. Heart meditation. The woman who led it had us think on different things and there were different movements we did…it was just very different and it really moved me. Tears were streaming down my face halfway through. I wish I could go to her for more but she’s all the way in Brooklyn and that just doesn’t fit for me right now. But…wow. It was memorable.

This was the note on the chair I chose…that’s a pretty good message. For all of us.


Then there was a photographer taking portraits of people in a dark room with crazy lighting…

bric 1 8.1.18

Everything about the evening was…I would say “perfect,” which is a term I rarely use…but for the HEAT. And humidity. The venue was air conditioned but it wasn’t even touching me, I was drenched the entire time. But other than that, it was really really really good.

Oh, this was one of my favorite things. Super tacky (intentionally?), but I love the beaded saying:

I play the game where I imagine my friends as old and silver. I like this game the most. Because in it we survive the hateful, warful years, all of the terrible things that will inevitably happen.

She is at @emilyoliveirastudio on Instagram if you want to see more.


It was one year ago this week that I had my head shaved 2 weeks into chemo. THAT was a day, oofah. A year later I’m still going to Morgan at POSH to have her try and shape my crazy curly regrowth. This is what it looks like when I get up in the morning (!).

IMG_2389 (1)

The sides and bangs are pretty cooperative. It’s that poodle top bit that’s so crazy. It’s long enough to curl up and frizz in the humidity but not long enough to get my curling iron around to smooth. So at best, it’s smooshed down waves. Not cute like a “best short haircut” post on Pinterest.

Okay, here’s a thing I’m doing (ohhh I’m not happy about this but)…for the month of August – NO MCDONALDS SWEET TEA. I forgot I’d planned to make this resolution til Friday so I missed the first couple days…and Normal Me would say OH WELL, TRY AGAIN IN SEPTEMBER…but Trying to Be Better Than Normal Me is going to try and stick with it for the rest of the month. I was going to do “no sweet tea OR chips” in August but. I’m having a hard enough time getting my head around the tea part. Let’s just see how this goes. Chips can be the next step. BABY STEPS.

I have A Big Project on the agenda for this (Sunday) afternoon. If I complete it I’ll post a little before&after video. If I don’t, I’ll delete this paragraph and through the magic of television you’ll be none the wiser.



This is the kitchen table I wanted, but…not happening.

Image result for saarinen table

Okay, that’s it for this week! I’m going to to watch the last episode of Last Tango in Halifax (I didn’t realize when I started watching that it was only on for 3 seasons!) and then bed.

Wishing everyone a cool, dry, peaceful week!



14 thoughts on “Week in Review: Week 126

  1. You are not alone in your fake British vocab, I do the same thing. No one ever knows what I am on about.
    Congrats on your Gwynnie Bee Blog award, coming as it did in the same summer as your Oscar. Love the shirt you are wearing in the art thing/marbling/meditation photos. We had Art on the Town this weekend, but I had to skip it, the current temperature is 85 degrees at 7AM! Add in the 75% humidity, and today’s heat index is 105! God help me. Is it any wonder I clad my chubby self in cutoffs and a tank? Nope.
    I am loving your hair. I know you don’t, but I love the abundance of curls. Was it curly before you had it shaved? Currently, mine is piled on top of my head in a tiny ponytail, ala Pebbles Flintstone.
    Have a great week, Bettye!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “No one ever knows what I am on about.” ha ha, i see what you did there 🙂

      Oh yeah, it is just Too Hot to do anything outdoors for more than like a minute.

      My hair was not curly before , but possibly just cuz it was long and the length weighed the curliness down. The TEXTURE is different now, it’s coarser, not as soft 😦

      Pebbles Flintstone was UH-DORABLE.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You did so good with your kitchen project….that’s kinda what we did this weekend. After painting all of the cabinets, we went on a purging rampage. Some things got tossed, but a lot got relegated to the upstairs closet…ha ha! For instance, the beer glasses….do I really need 8 beer glasses. No. But Rob is not ready to part with them….
    Your Gwynnie Bee showcase was perfect!! Absolutely perfect. Need to go on Instagram too!!
    And I know what you mean about some people’s creativity—it’s just so amazing. I don’t know how to get my mind to work that way!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Feels so good to get little projects like that done. I tend to start not seeing things after a while and it no longer really registers to me that something is a mess or needs to be done. I’m glad THAT is finally done!


    1. It’s too hot for ANYTHING. Ugh. We just had a fire drill this morning at work and we were all like REALLY? I’D RATHER STAY INSIDE AND BURN UP THAN GO OUTSIDE.

      Shameful Fact: I JUST this minute learned that Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri ARE THE SAME PLACE!!! Is that accurate? I’m having a hard time finding a conclusive answer on the web (I think due to state loyalties).


    1. I saw a blog post today with a heavy cardigan and, while the outfit was lovely, I was just like NOOOOO!!! I feel like we’ve (on Long Island) got another 6 weeks, easy, of hot summer weather.


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