Week in Review: Week 96

Happy Holidays! We’re in the thick of it now and I’m just getting caught up. I’ve been busy with work, blogging, vlogmassing, christmassing and visiting with my daughter who’s home for a couple weeks…and I crashed towards the end of the week. Just hit the wall, couldn’t vlogmas, couldn’t stay awake past 8pm. But I gave myself the 2 nights off and now I’m back.

The week started off with back-to-back Christmassy photo shoots here in town.

Then my daughter and I headed out to get our Christmas tree. She was starting to not feel well so was pleased that I was happy with the first tree we looked at. We got it home and struggled a bit to get it right in the stand. And the next morning I got up to this…


In all my life, I have never had a tree tip over. I’m just so grateful it happened before I’d put the ornaments on. I’d be so so upset to lose a lifetime’s worth of ornaments…many which belonged to my parents before me. Anyway, that night a handy friend came over and got it straightened in the stand and attached to the wall.

And THEN I decorated it.


And let it never be said that I only show “the highlight reel” of my life…when I got home from work that afternoon, Caleb was not in his usual sleeping spot. I noticed the bathroom door was shut and realized he’d gotten himself shut in. I tried to push the door open but he was so soundly asleep against it that the door (and he) wouldn’t budge. But the smell!!! He finally woke up and got out of the way of the door…and this is what else was behind the door…


It was BRUTAL.  He had shut himself in, pooped, then in his uncomfortable, painful movement, walked in circles…again and again and again, mushing and tracking the poop EVERYWHERE. It was a good hour of cleaning to get it (and him) sorted out.

Now I close the bathroom door every day before I leave for work.

The next afternoon, in the complete opposite vein from poop mess, I had a facial for the first time ever. There’s a blog post coming about that soon so you can read all about that lovely experience then.


In the meantime, this past week was Secret Santa Week at work and everyday we were all finding little goodies in our mailboxes. I had the best Secret Santa who brought me my favorite candies, darling Hello Kitty and Pusheen items, a lovely frame and more.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Day at work.


Oh yeah. Janey helped me decorate the tree. As cats do.


Had dinner one night with Katie and loved these red and white lighted up trees.


Got a second wind and did a little shopping this rainy morning in town and THINK I am all done now.


Got some stocking stuffers in here I’m hoping my daughter will like.


And some goodies in here I know *I* will like.


And my weekly hair update: I have some!


This is my last blog post before Christmas, so everyone enjoy their friends and families and traditions at this holiday time…and see ya soon!

xoxo Bettye





My Week in Review: Weeks 40-43

Ooh, I’ve been remiss! In my defense: Holiday and Sick. So I’m doing a big Week(s) in Review catch-up here and can then proceed as usual starting next week. Do you guys even *like* Week in Review? I’m coming up on Fashion Schlub’s 1 Year Anniversary and am thinking about switching some things up. I feel like I get more new people liking and commenting on the WiR posts, which I guess is good? I don’t know? I’m just stumbling my way along in Blog-Land. Thoughts?

Gosh, THIS seems forever ago! I’m actually just taking the tree *down* this weekend. Sadface.


Janey was helping not helping decorate the tree. Funny little crooked-faced cat.


Janey loves sitting with me at the computer. And the sofa. And bed. And the toilet. You get the picture.


I’ve been trying to eat more fruit. My reward for eating an orange is a vegan gingerbread cupcake from Batata Cafe in Northport.


I love old building advertising. I loved painted signs, I think they’re so much more charming than big plastic or polyvinyl (or whatever those canopy type things you see everywhere now) signs.


Meh. I so loved the other book of hers I read, Secrets of a Charmed Life…I was disappointed by this one.


The last day of work before vacation is lovely. We’re all so productive and get just tons of work done.


I drank a toast to the start of vacation. Alright. I drank a *couple* toasts.


Exmas Eve with my baby.


Christmas Day. We exchanged gifts at my apartment then went to dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant and drove around looking at Christmas lights. It was a nice low-key day. I like a low-key holiday.


My boy.


We drank a toast to the holiday. Alright. We drank *several* toasts to the holiday.


I LOVED The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman. Do recommend.


Ha ha. Christmas had too many toasts and threw up in their front yard.


I spread my friendship wings (ha ha, someone dear to me used that phrase once when I was making a new friend and it has just always stayed in my heart and head) and made a new friend when we photographed one another for our respective blogs – Marcy of Fearlessly Just Me. You can see some photographs I did of her here.


That day we shot was cold and super windy and we were out in it all day and I got SICK. This is what sick looks like.


I’m trying to tackle some small projects in the apartment this winter. This is one of the cubbies staring me in the face when I sit at the computer and I was tired of it. The top pic is the before, the bottom is after. Ahh. But where did I put those chocolate chips??


Which brings us to today and it is snowing out so I’m staying in with some work, some projects and some reading. But not enough snacks. Unless I can find those chocolate chips.


Phew! All caught up! Holidays are over, tree is coming down, now the long cold blah winter begins. Will have to make effort to spice things up! Who’s with me??