Month in Review: April

Wow, I feel like April really flew by! We started the month still in snow and we’re finishing it up with a sunshiny day in the 60s. As this was a very work-busy week for me I don’t have much to share in Week in Review, so I’m going to do Month in Review again like last month and will resume WiR next week, when hopefully I will have something a little more interesting to share!

First I will say THANK YOU to all you lovely people who have been reading and following and commenting on my little blog…thanks to y’all, April was my most viewed month to-date, beating out the previous winner, August 2017, when my head-shaving post (see it here) was so widely shared and viewed. I’ve made such nice connections and friends…and have met some kindred spirits with interests beyond fashion. For someone like me who is naturally pretty introverted and what I call “a bad meeter,” it’s been such a nice way to connect with people without all the usual “in person” social anxieties. But that’s a story for another day (okay, Julia??).

All that said, my most viewed post in April was All Dressed Up & Yadda Yadda Yadda where I wore a colorful dress and sparkly cardigan…for no special reason. Sometimes you just gotta, you know??


My personal favorite outfit in April was this colorful Russian doll looking peasant top over white jeans…maybe because it felt spring…and the temperatures finally felt the same! How sick is everyone getting of talking and hearing about The Winter That Would Not End?!?

fashion schlub bettye rainwater plus size fashion blogger 4.23.18 9 resized

Favorite Blogger Looks

My top three favorite blogger looks in April were:

Jenna Marie of Sincerely Jenna Marie has the casual-yet-modern look nailed with a basic white tee, faded blue denim and comfy sandals…but it’s the extra touch of the scarf tied on the bag that elevates this to me.

How cozy does Cheryl of Cheryl Shops look in this pretty pretty pink duster-length cardigan?? I love a basic white jeans + tee + cardigan look and this one is just dreamy. Not to mention that round straw tote!

(The last one did not respond in time to my email asking permission to share her photo here so I’m just including the link to the outfit and I hope you’ll go look!)

And the outlier of the bunch for me, this metallic pleated skirt with gorgeous teal blue sweater on Daniella of LellaVictoria. This look is so extra with all the metallics (those boots tho!) and yet so relaxed at the same time. Like, “Oh, do I look amazing?? I hadn’t noticed!”

Favorite Books

I did not do as much reading in April as I had been – my day job and blog work have been leaving me exhausted by 9pm most nights and if I try to read at that point I fall asleep within minutes. So I only read the one, but it was really really good. I gave it 5 stars on Goodreads and I give Very Few 5-star ratings.

It’s the emotional story of a Jewish family living in Poland during World War II, how they each have different experiences over the span of a decade. I don’t want to tell the ending, but it was a very moving, well-told story that I highly recommend – based on the experiences of the author’s own family.

We Were the Lucky Ones

Hopefully I will have more time for reading in May!

Favorite Movies

I *did* make time to go to a couple movies in April. I am subscribed to MoviePass, an app where for a sum below the price of going to ONE movie, you can go to a different movie EVERY DAY (this is not a sponsored post, I just really like the app). My favorite was “Outside In” with Edie Falco and Jay DuPlass. It was a quiet story about nice people – as a young adult he had taken the rap for a shooting and spent 20 years in prison. One of his high school teachers maintained a correspondence with him all that time and really advocated for his early parole. Once released his new life is difficult and their friendship is challenged. And that’s all I’ll say. But it’s well-acted, nice story. (click image for trailer)

outside in

Favorite Products

A favorite product I bought this month, and this is a little embarrassing (!), but I can get stinky feet (probably cuz I don’t wear socks. i hate socks.) and I’ve tried all kinds of sprays and powders over the years and nothing has ever done a really great, long-lasting job, BUT…after reading a ton of reviews on the internet, I finally invested a whopping $12.95 on a shoe deodorizer/foot odor eliminator from Amazon. I spray it in my sneakers 1-2 times a week and it has greatly improved the situation. If I really stick my nose into the shoe, I can still slightly smell the foot odor…but the scent of the spray really masks the foot smell from a reasonable distance away (most people would not be sticking their noses into your shoes). And then the whole apartment has this nice lemon verbena/mint/eucalyptus scent that is both refreshing and energizing. Oh, I also sprayed it on my car seats when Caleb had a bit of a messy accident back there (don’t judge, he’s an old man) and the poop smell was gone the next day!

Lumi Outdoors Extra Strength Odor Eliminator

Monthly Mash-Up

I’ve been enjoying an app called 1 Second Every Day where you post a picture or video to it daily (or catch up whenever you want, it doesn’t judge) and at the end of the month (or week or year or whatever time frame you select) it “mashes” them together as one-second clips that are savable and sharable. I’ve been posting them on Instagram but they fit into the Month in Review theme here, so…

And that is all there is for April! Week in Review will be back next Monday….

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Week in Review: Weeks 110-111

NOW is it spring? Huh? Is it? When? WHEN?!? There were finally a couple days mild enough to walk outdoors a bit without regret. And by “mild” I mean “not frigid.”

And I JUST this instant learned something amazing so I’ll share it with you Just In Case you’ve ever had this annoying thing happen to you and you didn’t know how to stop it. Are you ever just typing along in Word or email or any sort of document writer thingie, minding your own business…when you realize you omitted a word or misspelled something or just needed to go back into the already typed text to change something? And you put your cursor into the spot where you want to edit or add…and instead of just typing the text in, it actually starts typing OVER what is already there, so it deletes stuff as you type along? I’m probably not explaining this well but if this has ever happened to you, you probably recognize what I’m saying. ANYWAY. The only work-around I’d ever come up with (beyond just re-typinging everything, blrgh) was to cut the section out, paste it into notepad, make my changes, then copy/paste it back to the word doc I was working in. Uh. Noying. BUT, I just learned that if you just press the “Insert” key (mine is right next to my “backspace” key – between the letter and number keypads), it fixes it…and now you can INSERT (which is what you wanted to do in the first place) instead of typing OVER text. I must accidentally hit the key in my mad-dash typing, cuz that is a frequent situation.

If you’re a Smarty McSmarty Pants and already knew that, well just move along, there’s nothing to see here. But if you’re HUMAN like me and sometimes perplexed by these machines that are supposed to be helping us but sometimes not so much, well HIGH FIVE, MY FRIEND!!!

And that completes the educational portion of this post and we shall commence with the pictures. Remember last week I did Month in Review, so this is two week’s worth…you might want to grab a snack first. It could be awhile.

Stopped into the pet store for some goodies for the kids. Caleb got some soft chewy goodies, and I bought Janey a little brown plush squirrel that was supposed to have catnip in it. I kind of doubt it does because she’s barely looked at it, but *I* am surprised by it every day when I think it’s poop on the floor…and have to do a double-take to remind me that it’s not.

My life. So classy.

week 1 1

I got this feelin, somebody’s watching meeeee.

week 1 2

I could have sworn I’d already posted this picture of Caleb but…he’s just so cute, what can it hurt to post again.

week 1 3

Someone spilled their chickpeas in the parking lot.

week 1 4

Happy Easter, Bunnies.

week 1 5

Yes, it snowed. Again.

week 2 1

Poor little daffs trying so hard to be springy…

week 2 3

Cute house. Love the little moon cut-outs on the shutters.

week 2 4

Loving MoviePass. Saw Outside In – quiet, a little sad, but sweet. I liked it.

outside in

Rain washed most of the snow away.

week 2 5

My neighbor at the gas station.

week 2 6

Hi Janey.

week 2 7

I got an undeserved ticket.

week 2 8


week 2 9

Quiet afternoon.

week 2 10

Saw Finding Your Feet. Also sweet. I like nice movies.

finding your feet

Went for a little walk with a girlfriend then for coffee. Was good to get out in the world a bit and see some real signs of spring.

week 2 11

And now I’m winding down from my little mini-vacay (I had a couple days off this week) and am going to spend a quiet evening reading before heading back to work tomorrow.

Is it actual Spring where you are? Like with sun and warm breezes and birds chirping and no snow?? Can I come stay with you??