Boho: To Be or Not to Be


This item is part of an ongoing personal exercise in “I like this style THEORETICALLY, but I just don’t Feel Like ME in it.” I’ve mentioned several times that I really like the boho hippie style. But I’m coming to realize that there’s a big difference between LIKING a style…and feeling RIGHT in it. And I’m finally really tightening my purchasing editing – I can LIKE things without BUYING them…because they’re just not right for me. I’m grateful for a rental service like Gwynnie Bee because I can wear items for a day that I liked the looks of…and decide over time, not just in a few minutes in a dressing room, whether or not I feel good in them.


This colorful high-low vest from Hemant & Nandita was fun to wear one time. It was floaty and swirly. It made a great topper over simple jeans and a tee and served to elevate the basic outfit.


Do you like trying things outside your comfort zone? I think it’s fun now and then…and helps me narrow down what my style *really* is. I’m getting there!



Do you think you might like to try Gwynnie Bee? It’s a clothing rental service for sizes 10-32. And the first month is FREE! If you want to give it a try (and you know you want to), just click the banner ad below. I’ve been a member for almost 2 years and I never stick with *anything*!


If you do join through this affiliate link, I will get a small commission. But I wouldn’t recommend the company if I didn’t REALLY love them (and I do).

What I’m Wearing:


I Wore the Same Dress to Work All Week…and the World Didn’t End

I don’t even think anyone noticed! Maybe the girls I share an office with *noticed,* but they’re both too nice to say anything 🙂  But I do think the point is that maybe we don’t need as many clothes as we think we do – unless you wear really striking or outrageous things, most people don’t even really notice.

I wore the invisible black dress (MAN am I getting my money’s worth of that thing!!!) all week to work (granted it was a 4-day work week due to Labor Day Monday, but I wore the dress Monday, too – I just don’t have a picture), just accessorized differently every day. So the OUTFIT looked different even though the base was the same. And I did wash it in the sink Wednesday night…not that I’m rolling around in the dirt at work (usually), but I do spill food on myself a lot (I call my boobs “food catchers,” cuz that’s where stuff ends up).

And WHY did I do this, really? After a week’s vacation, one of the most annoying things to think about when returning to work is “WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR???” And I just thought it would be so lovely to wear my favorite, most comfortable, easiest to accessorize dress every day, so I thought I’d do this little experiment and see if anyone noticed, said anything, whatever. And it was a success!

Tuesday I wore the dress sleeveless with black floral sandals.


Wednesday I wore a thrifted flax linen shirt over top.


Thursday was Kimono #1 with a druzy pendant necklace from Charming Charlie.


And Friday was Kimono #2 and flats


So, the next time you’re in a quandary about what to wear and you’re tempted to wear an item from the day before…trust me, no one’s going to notice. Or care.

Now I’ve got to get ready to go to a fundraiser tonight…AND FIGURE OUT WHAT I’M GOING TO WEAR!!!

Plus Size Summer Outfit Review

I know, I know, I’m the leading proponent of SUMMER’S NOT OVER but…there will not be any new summer OUTFITS this year, so I feel I can do this now.

I think I did pretty well with my summer clothes shopping this year, I kept my “want” list tightly edited and really didn’t get anything that I wasn’t happy with or didn’t get a lot of wear out of. Usually there’s at least a couple duds that I have buyer’s remorse over. My only complaint is that I never got as *many* items as I wanted. My wardrobe is the opposite of many people’s, in that I don’t have too MUCH stuff, I have too little. Which is why the outfit posts got pretty spare for the past month, because I’ve already shown everything!

So I’m going to review my favorite outfits, and why they worked so well…and share one or two of my least favorites and why they got a little less wear than the others. I like to review like this, it helps me in shopping for NEXT season, in this case FALL WINTER, making note of lessons learned through success *and* failure…and what I might want to do differently next time.

My very favorite item was this black sleeveless swing dress from Asos Curve, “The Invisible Dress.” I’ve had it since March and it’s gotten a TON of wear, has washed well (hand washed cold water, hung to dry) and looked good both on its own and with secondary pieces over top. I would be very happy with this exact dress in navy and taupe and grey and…yeah.


My second favorite item was this navy and white stripe dress from Rainbow. It was $12.99. Come on. I wore it tons as well, until I broke it 😦  I’ll explain that in an upcoming post.

My two other favorite dresses this summer were Denim 1 and Denim 2.

fashion schlub plus size fashion 6.20.16 10 resized
Old Navy Pintuck Trapeze Tencel Dress 

I had a bit of internal fashion struggle before I could wear this one to work because it seemed so nightgownlike to me. If I didn’t have to go to a workplace every day, this dress would be on heavy repeat. Because it IS like wearing a nightgown!

fashion schlub plus size fashion 6.20.16 2 resized
Rachel Roy Tencel High-Low Dress

This one was definitely more work-friendly, but if I had to choose (which I never did!) I would let this one go and keep the nightgown one.

fashion schlub plus size 6.23.16 4 resized

And a perennial favorite for like 10 years, seriously (though this may be it’s last summer)…this Target Mossimmo dress.

Some other summer faves were from Gwynnie Bee…

fashion schlub plus size bettye rainwater 8.14.16 2 resized
Sangria Blue Dipped Floral Dress
Alice & You Dress in Ditsy Floral Print

And moving away from dresses, the is the year I discovered I love tunics over leggings…and this was my favorite outfit of that type.


Olive green sleeveless tunic from Bobeau via Nordstrom Rack. When it was still a little cool I wore this crochet knit black duster/cardi from Avenue, and as it got warmer and I learned the SO WHAT IF MY ARMS ARE FAT philosophy, I wore it sleeveless.

So what do *most* of my favorite items have in common? NO WAIST. No elastic or seam or belts. I feel so much better in a swing or trapeze style dress…no futzing all day with an elastic waistband or feeling like a maternity case when my belly protrudes out below an empire seam. They’re more challenging to find, but for me, worth the time and effort.

My *least* favorite purchase for summer was this sagey green knit dress from BooHoo…


I fell for the color and the super-soft stretchy knit fabric…but see how the elastic empire waist right under my boobs makes my stomach appear to be BURSTING with child?? Ha. Not the look I’m going for.

So this fall I will be looking for leggings, tunics or oversized sweaters and blouses, and waistless dresses.

I think it’s valuable to assess at the end of each season and consider what worked for you and what didn’t, to avoid costly mistakes in the future.

What were your fashion failures and successes this summer?


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Oh, Deer!

Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

I feel like I say that a lot 🙂

Anyway, we did a quick photo shoot last night before dinner at a nearby marina…and there are deer there, too! This pic is not my favorite of me, but…DEER.

fashion schlub plus size bettye rainwater 8.22.16 1 resized

My girlfriend Debbie has been staying with me for a little while, she’s between homes at the moment while deciding whether to return to Long Island after many many years…or to upstate New York after an absence of just a few months. Upstate seems to have many more items on the “pro” list, and yet…

fashion schlub plus size bettye rainwater 8.22.16 3 resized

Long Island has beaches and marinas and parks and convenient shopping and roadways and it’s close to the city…and DEER. It’s a tough call. I’ve been pretty anti-Long Island for a long time because it’s not where I *really* want to be (Brooklyn), but…I have to say, after Brooklyn, it’s probably my second choice of places to live at this point in my life.

fashion schlub plus size bettye rainwater 8.22.16 4 resized

Do you *love* where you live? Or is it just The Place You Ended Up…because that’s where your parents raised you or you or your spouse got a job or it’s where you could afford?

fashion schlub plus size bettye rainwater 8.22.16 2 resized

Anyway…this is an easy-to-wear dress, perfect for an easy evening out with a friend. Super stretchy, loose swingy skirt. Kinda felt like a nightgown! I’m drawn to clothing that feels or looks like sleepwear. I’m my mother’s daughter.

fashion schlub plus size bettye rainwater 8.22.16 5 resized

She’s so lovely!

fashion schlub plus size bettye rainwater 8.22.16 6 resized

This dress is the Robbie Bee Multi Chevron Print Dress In Blue (size 3x) and I got it through my Gwynnie Bee subscription.

You can get a 30-day Free Trial with Gwynnie Bee by following the link below.


There are affiliate links in this post, which means if you buy or join something as a result of clicking the link I get a little cash reward…at no cost to you.

The photographer du jour was my longtime friend and artist Debbie Bollman. She does amazing, animal, sport and landscape paintings. Take a look! Thanks, Debbie!

The Perfect Date Dress

Want to go out with me? Cuz I have the perfect date dress!

fashion schlub plus size bettye rainwater 8.14.16 2 resized

What makes a good date dress? Anything that makes you feel flirty and pretty! It should be easy to wear and comfortable. No one wants to be worried about parts slipping out or having to suck your tummy in. It’s nice if it looks a *little* more special than something you’d wear to work or out with girlfriends. And I think a little bit of va-va-voom never hurts -it makes *you* feel a little sexy…and HIM feel excited and proud to be out with you. A bit of a neckline plunge, or some snugness at your hips showing off your curves, or a hemline that shows off your legs – pick one and have fun!

fashion schlub plus size bettye rainwater 8.14.16 5 resized

fashion schlub plus size bettye rainwater 8.14.16  4 resized

This dress fills the bill for me with the bodice, the plunging v neckline and even the wide straps. It has sort of a “Marilyn Monroe standing over the heating grate” vibe to me. But then the skirt is pleated and full, very prim and proper – I like the contrast.

fashion schlub plus size bettye rainwater 8.14.16 3 resizedfashion schlub plus size bettye rainwater 8.14.16 7 resizedAnd it’s twirly and swingy. Those are high priorities for me. fashion schlub plus size bettye rainwater 8.14.16 1 resized

I’m wearing a new bracelet I actually bought for myself (GASP). It was from a cute little “reclaimed and vintage” shop in Northport Village. I didn’t get the jewelry-maker’s card but the name of the shop is True Blue Village. They had home decor and gifts and really interesting handmade jewelry. I already know the piece I’m going to get next – maybe a birthday present to myself.

fashion schlub plus size bettye rainwater 8.14.16 6 resizedfashion schlub plus size bettye rainwater 8.14.16 8 resizedfashion schlub plus size bettye rainwater 8.14.16 9 resized

This darling dress is the Sangria Blue Dipped Flower Dress and I got it through my Gwynnie Bee subscription.

You can get a 30-day Free Trial with Gwynnie Bee by following the link below.


There are affiliate links in this post, which means if you buy or join something as a result of clicking the link I get a little cash reward…at no cost to you.

The photographer du jour was my longtime friend and artist Debbie Bollman. She does amazing, animal, sport and landscape paintings. Take a look! Thanks, Debbie!


Multitasking Dress

I love a dress that I can take anywhere – from work, to a date (HA HA HA HA), to a fun weekend outing. This dress checks all three boxes. Plus, this print? You spill on it? No One Will Ever Know. It’s a beautiful thing.

The dress is from the new Hemant & Nandita line especially for Gwynnie Bee. Here are some of their other pieces at Nieman Marcus. I really love the boho hippie prints and colors and lightweight summery fabrics.

The dress is easy to wear, just throw a little cardi over top and it’s perfect for the office…

fashion schlub plus size 8.3.16 5 resized

fashion schlub plus size 8.3.16 4 resized

fashion schlub plus size 8.3.16 6 resized

For evening I would lose the cardigan and go sleeveless with a drapey necklace, some dangly earrings, and a little bling in a vintage clutch and some metallic sandals. I have a friend whose sister once told us “men like earrings that dangle and have a lot of movement,” and I’ve never forgotten that. I like that, too!

fashion schlub plus size 8.3.16  8 resized

fashion schlub plus size 8.3.16 7 resized

fashion schlub plus size 8.3.16 9 resized

And I would totally wear this for weekend gallery hopping in Brooklyn, with little white sneakers and a chambray shirt tied around my waist. Easy peasy!

fashion schlub plus size 8.3.16 1 resized

fashion schlub plus size 8.3.16 3 resized

fashion schlub plus size 8.3.16 2 resized

What I’m Wearing…

Look One

  • Hemant & Nandita dress in jewel grey print via Gwynnie Bee, size 24
  • Avenue electric salmon cardigan, old
  • Khaki Callisto platform sandals (they’re awesome! they stretch!)

Look Two

  • Hemant & Nandita dress in jewel grey print via Gwynnie Bee, size 24
  • Forever 21 green beaded necklace (old)
  • Vintage gold clutch
  • Gold Lauren Conrad flipflops from Kohls

Look Three

  • Hemant & Nandita dress in jewel grey print via Gwynnie Bee, size 24
  • Charlotte Russe Tencel chambray blouse, size 3x
  • Payless sneakers

Which is your favorite outfit?

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And just to be clear, if you do join through my link, I do get a lovely little commission from Gwynnie Bee. Everyone’s a winner!



The Definition of Insanity

fashion schlub plus size 7.26.16 1 resized

Einstein said the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

fashion schlub plus size 7.26.16 4 resized

I keep falling in love with a dress because of the PRINT, and overlooking the STYLE. I know there are styles that look good on me…and styles that don’t. And you’d think that would be useful knowledge – We Have the Technology…Never Look Bad Again. But do I put that knowledge to use? Uhm. Not so much.

fashion schlub plus size 7.26.16 2 resized

Elastic waist dresses. NO. No, Bettye, NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. Stop the insanity.

fashion schlub plus size 7.26.16 6 resized

This dress – the print, the colors, DARLING. I hadda have it. The elastic waist? NO. My big belly means that the smallest part of my torso is NOT at my waist, but right below my bra-line. So every elastic waist becomes an empire elastic waist, and it’s like a big line in the sand with flashing red arrows and neon letters screaming BIG BELLY BELOW!

fashion schlub plus size 7.26.16 5 resized

So the next time you see me trying on an elastic waist dress, please, smack me upside the head. Because know matter how cute the print, I do not like the look of this dress style on me.

fashion schlub plus size 7.26.16 7 resized

That said, this IS a super cute dress and I know it will look darling on SOMEONE.

What I’m Wearing:

I know I talk about Gwynnie Bee a LOT, but I really do love it…and if you’re a plus size gal, I think you might love it, too. You can get a 30-day free trial by clicking the link below. Just to be totally transparent, if you end up signing up for Gwynnie Bee, I do make a little commission





Fresh Florals

ootd 7.20.16 2

In the 80s (as a 20-something) I wore A Lot of Florals…it was the era of Laura Ashley and overscale floral dresses with hairbows and pastel flats…this eventually turned into 90s grunge and ditsy (read: tiny) floral prints over boots and sneakers with tattered denim…and then I was a MOM and everything was just STRETCHY. And I felt sort of “over” florals. They felt dated and too stuck in my mind as being part of that MOM look.

ootd 7.20.16 1

But now I’m trying to add some florals back into the wardrobe mix, in a more modern way. I think a non-repeat pattern is important…and I also like a lot of white space in the design. These are not hard and fast rules of course…they’re just more like guidelines I’m following as I try to put a little “pretty” into my wardrobe. I also like to set them against something patterned – a stripe or dot or geometric – and/or pair them with something not so “girly.” Like jeans opposed to a skirt. I’m not a girly girl.

ootd 7.20.16 3

This is a Bobeau floral top. I think Bobeau is a Nordstrom house brand. I like their items, I currently have a few. The quality is very nice and the price point is reasonable. I’m not getting a dress for $7.99 like at Rainbow, but…it’s still in my price range to have several items. Check them out (no I am not affiliated with them in any way, I just like recommending things I sincerely like).

I don’t even give “sleeveless” a thought anymore, after a LIFETIME of refusing to go sleeveless in public…but I do need a cardigan or kimono in my chilly air conditioned office.

Are there any types of things you used to wear a lot…that at a certain point you got sick of and omitted entirely from your wardrobe?

What I’m Wearing:

My Week in Review: Week 18

The summer was sort of getting away from me and I realized I wasn’t getting out in the evenings as much as I would like, so I’ve been making myself turn off the computer and get outside more after work.

Last Sunday Caleb and I went to the local college athletic field…I sat in my beach chair and read, while he meandered around looking for snacks in the grass. It was a big sky. Then campus security kicked us out. We’re real trouble, my dog and I. Good to keep riff-raff like us out.


The next morning when I got up, Caleb couldn’t. He couldn’t stand up or walk without my being a human sling for him and lugging him outside to potty and back inside to eat. He’s had Lyme disease twice before so I figured this was that again and I made an appt at the vet.

He puts on his best I’m a Big Brave Dog act at the vet’s office always, so the dr doesn’t usually see what I see. But they did some tests and then we just had to wait.


The next day he was even worse, in addition to appearing as though he’d had a stroke, listing to one side, being unable to get his balance/footing, falling over…he was anxious and agitated and restless…the look in his eyes was heartbreaking as he seemed so confused and scared. I was afraid he was going to die overnight.

But he was still with me in the morning, the testing had come back positive for Lyme Disease, we went to pick up the antibiotics, and within 24 hours he was SO much better. Not BETTER, but relatively better. Calmer, able to settle down and rest…but still losing his balance and falling over.

I know wonderful people…and over the course of the next day at work, a little pile of gifts appeared on my desk: a nonslip mat for Caleb to lay on, some cucumbers from a friend’s backyard garden, and a Hello Kitty cuz…Hello Kitty.


I got to spend one evening at a quiet beach with Caleb and my daughter. We ate dinner there and watched the sunset. Caleb had to stay tethered to us to keep him from wandering off and falling down.

I did a couple photo shoots…

I received my first order from I was very excited as Lovesick is an off-shoot of Torrid, which has a great range of sizes…but a little more on the “boho” side. I got this dress in a 3x, the largest size available at the time, which from Torrid would have been just right or a little large…and it was too small. Too short and too small. I also ordered a kimono…but they sent the wrong one, sadface…and given the week’s vet bills, I just returned it without trying to get the right one sent to me. I do see that since my order was placed, they have expanded their sizing up to 5x, yay, so I’ll give them another shot in the future because I really like their styles.

lovesick dress collage

I appreciated the color combinations in the border along the front of the bank.


And Friday night I met up with a friend for a sunset show…


It was a stressful week, with the dog’s condition, and trying to get all my work done while distracted…but things are calmer now and hopefully the coming week will be a more peaceful one.

How is your summer going?


fashion schlub plus size 7.13.16 2 resized

Sometimes an outfit post is just an outfit post.

fashion schlub plus size 7.13.16 1 resized

Sometimes the hills are alive.

fashion schlub plus size 7.13.16 3 resized

Sometimes I’m ready for my close-up.

fashion schlub plus size 7.13.16 4 resized

Sometimes the wind can be a jerk.

fashion schlub plus size 7.13.16 5

Sometimes I look like an escaped mental patient* from the 1950s.

My Friend Who Shall Remain Nameless and I went down to the beach to do outfit pictures but THAT DARN WIND had us seeking higher ground. This is one of those outfits that has me going I REALLY NEED TO GET A FULL-LENGTH MIRROR. Lately, in the absence of said mirror, I have been taking full-length cell phone selfies with the timer. I think that image is even better than a mirror. Sometimes while looking at your picture in your mirror you can sort of rationalize your way into believing you look better than you really  do. You move this way and that, you smile, you inject a little personality into the reflection and you feel prepared to leave the house thinking, “I’m looking pretty cute today.” And then you see a PICTURE. And it’s like those dreams where you’re at school naked and you’re all WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME I FORGOT TO GET DRESSED THIS MORNING cuz you suddenly realize that it looks like you’re wearing a nightgown to work???

It’s really a very sweet little dress. It’s not the dress’ fault. I’m sure if a willowy blonde with protruding hip bones wore it with a tiny black leather motorcycle jacket, it would be all over the street style blogs as The Only Dress You’ll Need This Summer. And it was delightfully comfortable. The thinnest lightest silky poly, sleeveless loose-fitting shift. The print was adorable. But now that I’ve seen the photographic proof, I feel I should make a disclaimer to everyone I saw yesterday, “I WAS NOT WEARING MY NIGHTGOWN, I SWEAR.”

Fortunately I did not invest money to OWN this dress, I merely rented it from Gwynnie Bee and now I can send it back and get something more appropriate for wearing outside in the general population.

What I’m Wearing:

* I hope “mental patient” is not one of those newly politically incorrect terms. I don’t mean anything derogatory towards them. I apologize if I’ve once again made an inappropriate and tactless comment (making inappropriate and tactless comments is my special gift).

You can get a FREE 30-day trial of Gwynnie Bee by clicking the link below. Just to be transparent, if you join through a link from my page, I do make a little commission from Gwynnie Bee.