Leggings as Pants: Yay or Nay

As a preface to this post, please Google “leggings as pants walmart


Now we can proceed.

Unless you’re like Kendall Jenner or Angelina Jolie, who can basically wear *anything* and look amazing, for me, the wearing of leggings come with some guidelines (and yes, there are always exceptions, and yes, you can really wear anything you want, but these are MY guidelines).

  1. No skin tone leggings. I’m sorry, but from a distance it just looks like you’re naked on your bottom half.
  2. No see-through leggings. Cheaper leggings are prone to this…and leggings that have gone through many washings. So check periodically. Have a friend take a picture of you from the back in full sunlight. Surprise!
  3. No heels. Picture a gamine Audrey Hepburn in black ankle-length leggings and black flats. That, to me, is leggings perfection. Or with knee-high boots in cold weather.
  4. Wear with the appropriate top. Which to me, covers all my girly bits, front and back. A mid-thigh length tunic, a long tee, a short swing dress, all excellent candidates for a legging pairing. A crop top? Not so much. (I’m referring here to wearing leggings as an OUTFIT in the world, not as exercise gear that gets changed out of when the workout is over).

There! Not so many rules…sorry, GUIDELINES…(remind me someday to tell you the story about my high school boyfriend 20 years later and the term “guidelines”). Pretty easy to keep it all looking neat and tidy. I never want to be on a “People of Walmart” post.

leggings yes
Yes. Long tunic, no lady bits showing, mid-thigh length.
leggings no
No. Too short, not enough thigh coverage. It may look alright while standing, bu once I start walking the front of the top will ride up. Just no. 

Do you have any wardrobe guidelines for yourself or do you just wing it?


6 thoughts on “Leggings as Pants: Yay or Nay

  1. Love your ‘guidelines’ and I totally agree, but they aren’t pants (contrary to what some Walmart shoppers think). They look great with the LONGER tops. They look great on you. They look terrible on me. My legs (don’t hate me) are what Chuck used to call ‘bird legs’. And, while I’m not crazy about ‘old lady clothes’ (whatever that is) I do feel that old people shouldn’t try to dress like teeny boppers. I know a couple of women who do that and it looks ridiculous.

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  2. I love your guidelines and follow them regularly myself. However, I do believe there should be an age point in which these guidelines kick in with respect to some of the guidelines. My girls have amazing bodies and look great in leggings with booties, sneakers and on occasion a crop top.

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