My Week in Review: Week 12

Wow, Week 12. That means I’ve been doing my little blog for 3 months. Yay for me and stick-to-it-iveness! I’ll admit it’s been a bit of a challenge as I started a second job just before I started the blog, so when I was thinking about doing the blog I seemed to have all the time in the world…and now I’m actually sharing that time with my day job, the new other job, as well as my little photography business (which you can see here Bettye Rainwater Photography). The most difficult part is finding time to do nice photoshoots. I never intended or wanted the blog to be illustrated with cell phone selfies. My crappy tripod really can’t be trusted to support my real camera if I walk away from it…but eventually I need to come up with a solution for getting better pictures.


Last week started with my “nephew” Russell’s 14th birthday party. He’s not really my nephew, he’s my ex-husband’s son from his marriage after ours. We all get along like family…cuz we *are* family. The new wife, the ex-in-laws…I feel like we are an excellent example of the new Extended Family. My daughter was still up from Florida, tons of kids were in the pool, there were dogs wandering around everywhere – my idea of a nice party.


The old man and I went for a stroll. He’s getting really dotty and hard of hearing. And slow. He saw a rabbit and trotted about 4 steps towards it then stopped. The rabbit never budged.


I finally wore the thrifted top that I’ve been so on the fence about. It was much better with the blue denim sort of cutting the sweetness of the top and the cardigan hiding the flowy angel sleeves. And I’ll keep it, begrudgingly, through this season, but it will not make it to the next. My spring/summer wardrobe budget was not quite enough to fill out the season’s outfits entirely so there are a couple pieces in there that I’m meh about but…life. miright?


I photographed a tennis fundraiser that Commack High School does for us every year. One of the nicest parts of working for a nonprofit is meeting people with generous spirits who are really interested in doing good things for others.

mm skirt collage

A rare Gwynnie Bee fail. While it’s great to be able to try outside the box…not everything works as you’d hoped. This skirt was way too “tummy hugging” for me. I’ve *just* been feeling a little more comfortable showing the tummy bump slightly. HUGGING is a whole other story. Speaking of tummy hugging, can I just give a Huzzah to the modern pregnant women who wear body con clothing all through their pregnancies, showing off their ever-growing baby bump? Back in my day (ha) maternity clothes were still designed to HIDE the bump. Good for them.


The girl and I spent a last evening together with a sunset stroll on the beach…


…and dinner at 3 Brothers Vegan Cafe. I haven’t spoken much here about being vegan, but I will. Because it certainly applies to my clothing choices as well as food.

And this week I started a 30-day daily blogging challenge. Today is Day 4 so I have a ways to go. I really appreciate the support I’ve been getting from friends and followers – not just from the four days of daily posts, but from the 12 weeks of blogging! When you first start a blog it can be sort of a lonely place…although I’m used to talking to myself 🙂 But it’s nice when people start showing up…old friends from other online exploits…and some new ones when you start visiting other blogs. So thank you everyone for sticking around even when things get a little slow. I’m still getting my blog-legs and working out the kinks. But I’ll get there.

I’d love to know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to know, see, or hear about. I have yet to finish my Building a Capsule Wardrobe project…and there’s still I Love a Uniform: Part 2 ahead.

Off to start a new week! I hope you enjoy yours…and I’d love to hear about it in the comments.


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