I Love a Uniform: Part One

I’m writing this post in lieu of listing my 10 favorite songs on Pandora. You’re welcome.

Every season I have a couple outfits that are like my default outfits. When I just want to be comfy and not have to think about anything, I throw these outfits on. They’re the kind of outfits that if I had to pick One Outfit to Wear For the Rest of My Life…this would be it.

Right now my “weekday” uniforms are these two sort of ath-leisure looks. An easy stretchy lightweight swing dress, in both cases, with a soft blue chambray shirt over top and white sneakers at the bottom. No thought needed.

fashion schlub plus size fashion blogger bettye rainwater 6.1.16 1


I have two other weekend uniforms, but that’s for another post.

Do you find any outfit(s) that you find yourself reaching for time and time again even though there’s a whole closetful of other items?

What I’m Wearing

  • Black Asos Curve swing dress
  • Navy striped swing dress from Rainbow (out of stock)
  • Blue chambray button-down from Charlotte Russe (out of stock)

Alright, ONE song. This one is heartbreaking and is therefore my favorite. Don’t Mind Me I’m Only Dying Slow by Jackie Greene. This last stanza crushes me:

And I met a gambler who did nothing but lose all day
He had love in his hands but he let her slip away
And all he ever wanted was to give her a win
But all she ever really wanted was him.



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