My Week in Review: Week 13

Ooh, Fashion Schlub is a teenager at 13 weeks!

This week was sort of all over the place for me. I keep meaning to NOT MAKE ANY PLANS NEXT WEEK because I’m exhausted but the next thing I know I have something going on every night. This week I’m REALLY trying to not make any plans…but my daughter is coming home so I’ll certainly see her one night…and there will be a photo shoot one afternoon…and I’ll take the dog to see the sunset at some point…and the carnival’s in town…and…before you know it, the week is full.

So…the week started out with a loosely-planned girls’ day out, “let’s just get in the car and drive and stop wherever we want.” We went into this antique mall where I saw this Rosa Park jacket. What?? That would be so fun to style. On someone else. I would love it over a midi-length black pleated skirt and red lace-up wedges. Cute, right??


We stopped into Little Nook Cafe where I’ve been wanting to go for a long time because they have vegan pizza and pastries. Of course on Saturday they were all out of everything fresh, sadface, so I’ll have to go back another time. But it was still a nice stop to sit in a dark cafe w ceiling fans cooling us, sipping on iced coffees while catching up.


A colorfully painted Victorian house caught our eye as we were driving, and it turned out to be an artisan gift shop with a garden shop outside. I almost bought a bracelet…I kinda wish I had…I may have to go back.


Caleb and I walked in the preserve. I ended up with many ticks on me…and I found none on him. Go figure.


Little wild roses.


Caleb resting in the Starbucks drive-thru line.


My girlfriend and I went to the mall one night and I was introduced to Charming Charlie. Gasp. I got the minty green druzy necklace on clearance for $4.99 (!!!) …and the aqua beaded bracelet below it for a big splurge (for me) of $10. I like it cuz it’s an easily adjustable band. I made the two bracelets on the right. One day I wore them altogether over a navy dress. It was a bit much for me. I don’t generally like so much matchy-matchy.


Photo shoot night was So Windy! We’d wait and wait for the wind to die down so my hair wasn’t blowing all over the place…we waited so long we both got the giggles. I forgot to acknowledge My Friend Who Shall Remain Nameless for photographing this dress. I made her go near Main St. People saw us. It was horrifying (jk, you know I love you).

This dress was funny. Three people that day commented on the “patriotic” dress. I’m well aware that it does have red white and blue in it, but to ME it was a PINK and red dress…with a contrasting pop of blue. I love sort of clashing pink and red together and that’s what drew me to this dress. Isn’t it interesting how differently people see the same things?

fashion schlub plus size bettye rainwater 6.8.16 8 resized

We met another friend at a diner that really goes all out with its holiday decorations. My daughter used to love going there when she was little. It was like a fairyland.


I went to see Me Before You. If you haven’t seen it or read the book…read the book. It’s a great story well told. The movie was good enough, but trying to cram a detailed emotional story into 90 minutes…it’s hard to do that well.

me before you

And finally, Friday. It was another rough day at the office 🙂 Seriously though, we were manning an an agency table at a Bike to the Beach rest stop. This is a great organization that manages century bike rides on the east coast with a fundraising component, and they donate the proceeds to different autism organizations, of which we are one.


This is the first year we had riders from our organization actually riding in it, and we had not one, but two teams riding on behalf of NSSA – I’m in awe of these guys – both their riding and their fundraising. They did an amazing job.


Especially my amazing BFF Stacey! You rock!!! xoxo


And so ends another Week in Review…I’d love to hear about *your* week…!


4 thoughts on “My Week in Review: Week 13

    1. Yeah, I could use a jewelry styling tutorial myself. I probably buy it unwisely, “oh I like this,” so I buy it and bring it home only to find that it doesn’t really GO with anything, or only goes with ONE thing…the one thing that already HAS three other things that go only with it 🙂 I’ve pretty much gotten my clothing shopping under good editorial control. Jewelry (and shoes!) is still a challenge.


  1. Ohhh, we even have Charming Charlies in Alabama. I rarely buy anything, but I love to look. And, you don’t even want to know about my week – I’m in the middle of DIY home improvements. 😦


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