I’m Not Just Fat

This was taken in 2007. I have No Idea what was going on here.

Although just recently I’ve started feeling a little differently, for most of my life, I’ve felt like People…people who don’t know me and are just seeing or being introduced to me for the first time…see Fat. Fat is the first basis they have by which to judge me. Depending on the circumstances it may be the *only* basis they ever have by which to judge me.

And “fat” brings with it a whoooole lot of other stuff. She’s Fat? Then she’s lazy, unhealthy, ignorant, and she has no self-respect. She eats too much, doesn’t exercise and doesn’t care about her appearance.

That’s a lot of judgment on My Way of Being in the World…without knowing me At. All.

But I’m NOT Just Fat. I’m a mom who managed to produce an amazing human being. I’m a vegan and a photographer and a reader, adventurer, blogger and social media maven. I’ve been a dog trainer and a riding instructor…I create newsletters and graphics, I make jewelry, beautiful bows, decorate a mean Christmas tree and am a good cook. I’m kind to people whether they deserve it or not. I love with all my heart. I can be funny…as well as stubborn, inappropriate, generous, and bossy.

I’m a lot of things. EVERYBODY is. No one is Just One Thing. So don’t label me as FAT and just dismiss me on that basis.

I’m not just fat. Take the time to find out what *else* I am.


7 thoughts on “I’m Not Just Fat

  1. Add a fabulous sister in law, unbelievable photographer, fantastic loving aunt, outstanding human being and overall a beautiful woman with a soul to match.

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  2. Unfortunately I only know you through your photos and writing and do not have the honor of knowing you in real life. With that being said, I know that you are a truly outstanding human being. Your humor, your kindness, your love of life shines through even online. I see a woman who is beautiful inside and out. Coincidentally, this post and my post today really complement each other. People need to love one another despite their differences; not judge them because of their differences.

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    1. “I know that you are a truly outstanding human being” – and you! You are so perceptive 🙂 ha ha. Thank you for the lovely words. And…RIGHT?? I saw your blog post on my phone in the wee hours of the morning and was like wait, what? We did NOT just post “I am not just a….” blogs at the same time!?! We’re so simpatico (which I desperately wish was spelled SYMPATICO)!!!


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