My Week in Review: Week 21 (I think)

I’m glad THAT week is over! Another week of So Much Busy I Barely Had Time to Take Pictures.

Asos Curve Sleeveless Swing Dress, 22 / Forever 21 Kimono, Large (straight size)

Work is busy right now as we’re preparing for an upcoming fund raiser in November. I’m working on the invitation and the website for that and it’s a lot of back and forth from other members of the development team. I’m ready to wrap these projects up and catch up on some other loose ends before VACATION in 2 more weeks (3 more weeks? I forget).

I got the birth announcement about my beautiful great-niece Annabelle Rose. I have a little gift for her here if I can ever remember to mail it!!!


I just made it to a sunset with friends…


Tuesday I had the photo shoot for the “one dress three ways” blog post and I thought it might be fun to start incorporating some video. WHOA. Seeing myself in video is a MUCH bigger shock than seeing myself in a still photograph. Who knew one person could have that much jiggle?? Wow. That was greatly disturbing to me. Which means…I have to keep doing it. Sigh. So here is my first little video, it’s just a nothing 8-second clip. I know nothing about video. Yet. I clearly know nothing about WALKING cuz I look like a…I don’t know what. But here goes.

I’m usually okay with having my picture taken but sometimes Enough is Enough!

fashion schlub plus size 8.3.16 10 resized

Moving on. THEN I had jury duty (I said doodee) for two days. Well, not DUTY, but was there for two days of juror selection. I have ALWAYS wanted to be a juror. This is my second time of being at least called to the selection process, but after two full days and waiting and answering questions, I was excused. Sadface. I won’t lie, It was nice being somewhere different for two days. I like ANY day that has something that sets it apart from the other 20,000 days I’ve been on this earth.


Anyway, there’s signs all around the courthouse saying NO PICTURES but I found some nifty spots in town during the lunch recess to find some pretty things.

While waiting at court I finished the book I’ve been reading and really enjoying, “The Horse Dancer” by JoJo Moyes (she wrote “Me Before You,” if you’ve seen the movie this summer). Note: don’t read books that make you cry in public places. Cuz then you start sniffling in a large echoey room with a bunch of strangers and it’s very uncomfortable. But I highly recommend this book…and I don’t do that too often.


I got back to work Friday just in time to take a little field trip to a golf course and I GOT TO DRIVE A GOLF CART! Small pleasures, my friends, small pleasures. It was loads of fun and it was so nice to just be out in the open with the wind in my face. I think that was the highlight of my week.


And I am not making a political comment in any way whatsoever, but….


What was the highlight of YOUR week??

I hope you’ll comment and share your thoughts, I really like to get to know the people that are reading the blog. And be sure to follow if you like it! Thanks!


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