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My favorite place to be is in the water. I especially love the ocean. I love the coolness of the water, the anonymity of it – even when there are thousands of people at beach, you’re just a faceless head bobbing in the waves. What I most love is the weightlessness of being in water.

It seems like “duh,” but it’s very “heavy” to be overweight. The pressure of the weight of your body on your legs and feet when standing, on your back and butt when sitting, and on your hips and ribs when laying down…is exhausting. Heavy. You get sore. You get tired. It is exhausting and heavy to just BE.

Being in the water is such a respite. You’re weightless. You float. You bob. There is no pressure on any part of your body. It’s cool. It’s silken. You’re LIGHT.

Even my mind relaxes as I float out just beyond the surf. I can let things go – weighty issues, heavy things weighing on my mind…and just…be…light.

It’s always a cruel shock to come out of the water, lifted by waves and carried to the shore, feet touching ground and you start walking again, supporting your own weight…and you feel heavier than before…bathing suit and hair heavy with water, struggling against the earth’s pull to keep walking forward, back to your little spot on the sand.

And I sit in my chair and wait for the next time I can be light in the water.


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