Plus Size Bag Lady

I am actually NOT a “bag” lady. I’m in awe of women who change their bags out daily to coordinate with their outfits, switching necessities back and forth. To be perfectly honest, I’m way too lazy for that! But I’d like to be a little more “accessory-coordinated,” and have some *fun* bags. Uhm. Purses. Fun purses.

I tend to find one bag that works for me and use it til it’s falling apart. I have so many “must haves” that it’s difficult to find something appropriate.

  • Must at least have the option of being cross body. I have sort of sloping shoulders I guess and bags on my shoulder just slip off and I need to have my hands free cuz I’m always carrying a million things in and out of the car.
  • Not leather but attractive.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy to get in and out of.
  • Durable. I don’t want to have to be so careful and worry about scuffing it.
  • I need to like the way it looks!
  • It should be proportionate to my frame. I love a teeny tiny purse, really a “wallet on a leash,” but I think that looks silly on my body.
  • The first bag I buy must be a season-appropriate neutral.

So yesterday, with no forethought or planning (GASP), I perused the pocketbooks at TJ Maxx. I tried to not overthink it and just grab anything that ticked all my boxes.

And here they are:

They’re very different but would all suit my needs for a fall/winter bag.

I brought home two to look at with some fall outfits. What are your thoughts? If I could only keep one, which one should stay and why??

Are you a one-bag woman or do you switch out multiples depending on your outfit?


17 thoughts on “Plus Size Bag Lady

  1. I love bags so have lots but don’t use a different one every day. I think number one is the one. It’s a good size, zip closure for security and will go with everything.

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    1. Yeah, I brought home #1 and 2…#3 I love the color but the strap was short for me. While #1 ticks all my boxes I’m liking the looks of it less and less everytime I see it 😦 So now I’m starting an online bag-hunt for an everyday bag.


    1. I wanna be a cowgirl! Funny, I see it as more hippy than cowgirl, but…either way, it might be the one keeper as a secondary casual weekend bag. I definitely want something more minimalist for an everyday bag.

      Thanks for your comment, oh favorite sister!


  2. Finding the right ‘bag’ is my biggest challenge. I’m convinced all purses are designed by men who have no idea what we need. But then again, I’ve made my own purses and still not entirely pleased with them. I have pretty much the same needs as you do, but in addition I need pockets. Well, probably don’t really need them, but want them. I’m old, I’ve been at this for years and have yet to find the perfect one. TMI I’m sure. I like the 3rd one, but then I love yellow. Like the way it’s made though – looks easiest to get into. Good luck and be sure and let us know if you find the perfect one.

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  3. I was immediately attracted to the fringe, but for some reason I like the first one for you. I love suede fringe. Takes me back to my hippie wannabe days. Fringe fits my always in jeans life style. But you use yours with office clothes the most, so fringe might not be the best first choice for you.

    Even though I have a couple of purses I love – just bought a vintage, orange, wide wale, corduroy – I rarely actually carry one. 1. Over the years, they’ve caused my right shoulder to slope more than the left. 2. As short as I am, I have to have a small purse that won’t hold much anyway, so why bother? I throw my wallet in the car console, cell phone goes in my back pocket, debit card (or a few bucks) in the front and I go shopping. If I’m not shopping, then no debit card. A purse just gets in my way. Or falls off my shoulder or accentuates each boob. Keys usually hang on a finger or go in the other front pocket. Back when I had a car with a door lock keypad, keys were locked in the car with the wallet.

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    1. You know me so well, oh Separated at Birth Sister! I am also drawn to the hippie boho-ness of the fringed bag and think it will be perfect for weekends and outings. I will need a more tailored bag for everyday that will have EVERYTHING in it, so the everyday bag needs to be larger.

      So many of my outfits don’t have pockets so…at least a small purse is a must.

      Thanks for visiting!


  4. I also liked bag #1 – but i personally don’t like ‘flap’ bags – Too hard to get into them quickly. The fringe is a little too trendy right now. #3 is good – I have a couple like that. My ‘everyday’ bag is a Lesportsac. their straps are long enough for cross body – and they have outside pockets – which is a requirements of mine ( for the metro card and work id ).

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      1. ha – yeah – which is why i stick to black ! you should also check out ebags. they have a line of bags that are nice with long straps

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