My Week in Review: Week 22

I write with the scent of a marble pound cake baking in the oven. I haven’t baked in a LONNNG time, but I’m seeing an old friend today and this is a peace offering. So I’ve been up since dawn. I’m looking forward to tomorrow when I have (so far!) No. Plans.

Last week I had a nice beach day with a friend. I like getting there before Anybody Else so I can pick The Perfect Spot and then the other 1000 people have to work around ME.


I bought a bag. Cute right? It’s just like a fun weekend bag.


This was on the impulse buy shelf along the check-out line at TJ Maxx. I managed to control myself and left it there.


This week’s dress from Gwynnie Bee. Not a good fit. Sent it back, unworn. NEXT!!!


I was getting ready for house-guests so had to make a trip to the ugh laundromat. This lil fella went along for the ride.


Company’s here! This is Nora, 9-month-old Border Collie. You’ll be seeing a lot of her šŸ™‚


Made it to the end of the week and this was my reward. Ahhh.


Thyme-garlic roasted mushrooms and asparagus. And a blackberry mojito. Goodnight.


How was YOUR week??



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