My Week in Review: Week 25

The last full week of “summer.” ??? Why are people so quick to say summer is over? IT’S NOT OVER! I get that school’s summer vacations are ending, but here on Long Island we’ve got easy another month of warm to hot weather, still some good beach days…and enough daylight after work to go on little adventures or sit on a sunsetty beach.



Went to the carnival with my girlfriend and made a really good attempt again at getting on a ride…to no avail 😦


I was the first one at the beach, yay.


I put purple stuff in my hair.


Enjoyed a sunset sky.


Some rando sent a ransom note saying WE HAVE YOUR CAT to the owner of the cat I was cat-sitting…while he was at home in the kitchen sink. WTH?


I enjoyed and recommend. I’m waiting on another Susan Meissner book from Amazon.


We visited The Big Duck in Flanders. It is, indeed, a big duck.


I tried on a dress I have long-coveted. This was the dress that was going to inspire me to go into a bar alone and order a drink for myself, chat with whoever was standing there, then leave. Ha. Dress did not fit well – you can’t tell so much from the picture but the top was very loose, straps kept slipping down (and not in a sexy way, but in a “didn’t your mother teach you how to buy clothes” way) and there was a big gap in the back at the zipper. Dress went back, drink was unbought, stranger was not talked to. Another dress, another time.


We visited Peconic River Herb Farm which is a really lovely nursery out in Calverton…they always have unique plants and creative vignettes set up and peaceful little sitting areas. It’s like being in another world for a little while.


We did a “let’s turn down every road that looks interesting” afternoon and ended up here for awhile. It was so peaceful.


Last day of dog-sitting.

We’re headed out for another little adventure this afternoon…we were supposed to have “weather” today, but I’m doubtful we’re going to really see anything, but we’ll go to the beach this evening and see if there’s any exciting wave activity.

What are YOU doing this Labor Day weekend?


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