My Week in Review: Week 37

The weeks are just flying by! I can tell when I’m having fun out in the world cuz the apartment looks like a tornado blew through!

Last Saturday we went to the Nassau County Museum of Art for an Ansel Adams exhibit and to walk the grounds a bit. They have a really spectacular outdoor sculpture collection. This is one of my favorites cuz it’s interactive.

I wore a new Old Navy dress that is SO so comfortable, I can tell it’s going to be a 3-season favorite and can be styled 97 different ways.


Oh, those cute kids.


My other cute kid helped me go through some tubs that were full of old ebay shooting accessories. I do so much better when there’s another person present and I got rid of a LOT of stuff. Some went right to trash, some has been donated to Savers, and some is waiting to be listed on ebay.


The girl snagged a couple things for herself.


The next morning I was shocked to see snow. ACTUAL SNOW.


It was a short work week and then we were into Thanksgiving! The girl and I went into the city to the Bryant Park Winter Village, which is lovely and bustling and sparkly and fun – more on that in the next blog post. The shops have very nice things but are a little pricey so we just window shopped and took some pictures.

The macaron shops are always SO pastelly and pretty. If you hear of vegan macarons on sale anywhere, please let me know!


I forced the child to do a selfie with me in front of the big tree. My hair is flat and weird.


Then we had dinner at a bar called 230 5th that has amazing panoramic views of the city and a rooftop bar. I’d hoped for a good sunset but instead it got rainy. Still, was a nice experience to share with my daughter and I’ll go back another time when better weather is predicted.


I’d actually started feeling sick the night before Thanksgiving but I pushed through…and then maybe stupidly went back out again yesterday when I should have stayed home resting. But the lure of a trip to Brooklyn is always too great for me so I went with a friend to the Brooklyn Promenade which has the best views of downtown Manhattan. We took some pictures and had a nice early dinner…then walked back to the car in the rain. Ruh-roh. And today I have positively hit the wall and am just staying in and resting. And coughing. And sniffling. Ugh.



I had tentative plans back in the city for tomorrow…but my wallet and temperature are telling me to Just. Stay. Put. We’ll see who wins.

Hope everyone had a nice holiday with loved ones.



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