Week in Review: Week 91

Well, better than last week but still not a ton of excitement.

More wig photos. Can’t stop won’t stop.


Got my wireless shutter release to “help” with selfies. Ack.


Actually, in the end, it had to go back cuz it didn’t have the right cable for my camera. I’ve already got the new one.

This week’s Gwynnie Bee. Uhm, no. I love it in theory. But it’s just too…too everything on me. It’s gone back and I already have the replacement.


I’ve actually been feeling a little energetic and like I *want* to walk! So Caleb and I went for a very slow walk around our very small block (it’s only .3mile around). My feet were hurting, but *he* was really really struggling near the end. He just can’t do outings anymore like he used to. Anyway, there are so many pretty houses in this area.


That one reminded me of mine and my husband’s second house, The Money Pit. I LOVED that house. But. We just couldn’t stay there long.


I love graphic tees. I just don’t like the sayings I always see in the stores. I mean, they’re fine and all, but it’s not what *I* want to wear on *my* body. But this one caught my eye on Instagram. If only it came in plus sizes.


I’m still looking for several pieces of furniture for the apartment so I can finally finish unpacking! One is a bedroom dresser – wider than high, vintage but not fancy, doesn’t have to be perfect, but. I liked this one at the thrift store but…SIX HUNDRED NINETY-EIGHT DOLLARS?!? Are they INSANE?? It’s pretty and all but not in good condition, look at all the missing veneer on the top right edge and along the bottom. Sheesh.


My boy went to the groomer yesterday and got his hairs did and now he is very handsome. He’s showing off to the passers-by on the street.


I came across this picture from November 2014. I miss being able to go on outings and adventures with him.

2014_11_28 Caleb Welwyn Preserve resized

And this was a very nice quiet weekend. I’ve been doing some more unpacking and a little cleaning, going through old photos…just random productive things but taking it slow. It feels good to finally be able to do things and not be exhausted after just a few minutes.

OH, I went to the dr this week for my 2-month checkup. My blood levels are almost back to normal, which I could tell by the way I feel…but I told him about my feet and how they were still really bothersome with the neuropathy. He prescribed something and I’m 3 days on it and feel no difference yet. Guh. Anyway, I go back in March for scans to make sure I’m still all clean in there.

A short week ahead with the holiday, so yay. Do you have Thanksgiving plans?



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