Week in Review: Week 97

This is the final post of 2017. I’m not doing a “year” wrap-up right now…I’ve got stuff going on right now, getting ready for a friend to come for dinner and the day has been very hustly-bustly…for now I’ll just do the usual Week in Review…

I realized once I looked back at my phone for pictures for the week, that I didn’t do much besides work…and Christmas. I may have said before that I am usually off from work the week between Christmas and New Years, but not this year as I had used up all my paid time off being sick earlier in the year. Usually I spend this week recharging, regrouping and reorganizing…and sleeping late šŸ™‚Ā  So I’m feeling a bit behind the 8-ball already and its only the first day of 2018!

Anyway, mostly Christmas pics this week…


IMG_9444IMG_9440christmas 2017 9 resizedchristmas 2017 7 resizedchristmas 2017 6 resizedchristmas 2017 5 resizedchristmas 2017 4 resizedchristmas 2017 1 resized

Ha ha, my one organization project was cleaning out my purse…pretty thrilling stuff here on Fashion Schlub!


And Mother Nature running a very tight ship this year…we had such a lovely mild autumn and literally The First Day of Winter and the temps dropped down into the teens and 20s and have been there ever since!


And that was the last full week of 2017.

I have just a little video “card” for you for New Year’s….

See ya next year!


8 thoughts on “Week in Review: Week 97

    1. It was small and quiet – just me and my daughter on Christmas Day. We exchange a few gifts, enjoy watching the animals play with/eat their new things, then we go out to a Chinese restaurant for dinner and come home later to watch a movie together. I nice “togethery” day.

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    1. Yesterday was the “bomb cyclone” of snow, but today is COLLLLD. Howling winds, I don’t even want to put the puppies outside to poo šŸ˜¦ *I’M* certainly not going out there for anything! Although I would love a cappuccino. #heyprincecharmingwhereyouat Aren’t you glad you’re back home in Michigan HA HA HA HA, no really?


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