Week in Review: Week 97

This is the final post of 2017. I’m not doing a “year” wrap-up right now…I’ve got stuff going on right now, getting ready for a friend to come for dinner and the day has been very hustly-bustly…for now I’ll just do the usual Week in Review…

I realized once I looked back at my phone for pictures for the week, that I didn’t do much besides work…and Christmas. I may have said before that I am usually off from work the week between Christmas and New Years, but not this year as I had used up all my paid time off being sick earlier in the year. Usually I spend this week recharging, regrouping and reorganizing…and sleeping late 🙂  So I’m feeling a bit behind the 8-ball already and its only the first day of 2018!

Anyway, mostly Christmas pics this week…


IMG_9444IMG_9440christmas 2017 9 resizedchristmas 2017 7 resizedchristmas 2017 6 resizedchristmas 2017 5 resizedchristmas 2017 4 resizedchristmas 2017 1 resized

Ha ha, my one organization project was cleaning out my purse…pretty thrilling stuff here on Fashion Schlub!


And Mother Nature running a very tight ship this year…we had such a lovely mild autumn and literally The First Day of Winter and the temps dropped down into the teens and 20s and have been there ever since!


And that was the last full week of 2017.

I have just a little video “card” for you for New Year’s….

See ya next year!


Week in Review: Week 96

Happy Holidays! We’re in the thick of it now and I’m just getting caught up. I’ve been busy with work, blogging, vlogmassing, christmassing and visiting with my daughter who’s home for a couple weeks…and I crashed towards the end of the week. Just hit the wall, couldn’t vlogmas, couldn’t stay awake past 8pm. But I gave myself the 2 nights off and now I’m back.

The week started off with back-to-back Christmassy photo shoots here in town.

Then my daughter and I headed out to get our Christmas tree. She was starting to not feel well so was pleased that I was happy with the first tree we looked at. We got it home and struggled a bit to get it right in the stand. And the next morning I got up to this…


In all my life, I have never had a tree tip over. I’m just so grateful it happened before I’d put the ornaments on. I’d be so so upset to lose a lifetime’s worth of ornaments…many which belonged to my parents before me. Anyway, that night a handy friend came over and got it straightened in the stand and attached to the wall.

And THEN I decorated it.


And let it never be said that I only show “the highlight reel” of my life…when I got home from work that afternoon, Caleb was not in his usual sleeping spot. I noticed the bathroom door was shut and realized he’d gotten himself shut in. I tried to push the door open but he was so soundly asleep against it that the door (and he) wouldn’t budge. But the smell!!! He finally woke up and got out of the way of the door…and this is what else was behind the door…


It was BRUTAL.  He had shut himself in, pooped, then in his uncomfortable, painful movement, walked in circles…again and again and again, mushing and tracking the poop EVERYWHERE. It was a good hour of cleaning to get it (and him) sorted out.

Now I close the bathroom door every day before I leave for work.

The next afternoon, in the complete opposite vein from poop mess, I had a facial for the first time ever. There’s a blog post coming about that soon so you can read all about that lovely experience then.


In the meantime, this past week was Secret Santa Week at work and everyday we were all finding little goodies in our mailboxes. I had the best Secret Santa who brought me my favorite candies, darling Hello Kitty and Pusheen items, a lovely frame and more.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Day at work.


Oh yeah. Janey helped me decorate the tree. As cats do.


Had dinner one night with Katie and loved these red and white lighted up trees.


Got a second wind and did a little shopping this rainy morning in town and THINK I am all done now.


Got some stocking stuffers in here I’m hoping my daughter will like.


And some goodies in here I know *I* will like.


And my weekly hair update: I have some!


This is my last blog post before Christmas, so everyone enjoy their friends and families and traditions at this holiday time…and see ya soon!

xoxo Bettye





fashion schlub bettye rainwater plus size fashion blogger 12.20.17 3 resized

I’m sure I’ve done gratitude posts before. That’s okay. You can’t have too much gratitude.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater plus size fashion blogger 12.20.17 1 resized

This Christmas, I’m grateful for my health. It was a rough year but I made it to the end feeling better than I did at the beginning.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater plus size fashion blogger 12.20.17 6 resized

I’m still having some issues (not related to the cancer) but I’m grateful I have a job with good insurance and I’ll try and get these things sorted out after the holidays.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater plus sixe fashion blogger 12.20.17 2 resized

I’m SO so grateful that some new drugs have helped Caleb considerably this week. I’m grateful for my ex and his new family and that they have been so helpful in getting Caleb the help he needs.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater plus size fashion blogger 12.20.17 5 resized

I’m grateful that my daughter is able to come home for the holidays so we can spend some time together.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater plus size fashion blogger 12.20.17 7 resized

I’m grateful that I have a new place to live, that I love.  I love the apartment, the town, everything about being here.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater plus size fashion blogger 12.20.17 4 resized

I’m so grateful that someone I thought I’d lost, is back in my life.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater plus size fashion blogger 12.20.17 8 resized

I’m grateful for the people who take the time in their busy lives to read my little blog and to comment and chat a bit. I’m so thankful for every one of you!

What I Wore:

  • BB Dakota Plaid Rainer dress, size 3x, via Gwynnie Bee. Old.
  • Black recycled wool collarless coat from Old Navy, size 3x. Old. Similar here
  • Black and white polka dot blouse by Who What Wear, from Target. Size 3x, old.
  • Black stretch-back wide width over-the-knee boots from Avenue. Old. Similar here.

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What the Holidays Mean to Me


fashion schlub bettye rainwater plus size fashion blogger 12.17.17 2 resized

Well, almost.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater plus size fashion blogger 12.17.17 8 cropped resized

I don’t care what holiday you celebrate or what religion you are, I think the end of the year is a good time to reflect on the year past and maybe, just maybe, how we can do better, be better,  in the year ahead. How we can be more kind and more loving. How we can be more caring and thoughtful to the needs of others.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater plus size fashion blogger 12.17.17 3 resized

It’s a time to make a point of checking in with family and friends you maybe haven’t seen or heard from in awhile. Shouldn’t we be doing that all the time? Sure. But. Life. I always feel like holidays are reminders to do the things we might forget the rest of the time – Let People Know You Love and Care About Them.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater plus size fashion blogger 12.17.17 5 resized

The holidays are also an excuse to celebrate. Eat a little too much. Have a cocktail. Stay out late. Meet up with friends. Do the things we’re “too busy” for so much of the time.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater plus size fashion blogger 12.17.17 7 resized

Be a little frivolous. Give gifts. Wear a fun dress! I like to do that! Last week was the Staff Holiday Party at work with an Ugly Christmas Sweater theme…and I took it one step further and got this vintage Christmas wrapping paper looking dress from Cow Cow.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater plus size fashion blogger 12.17.17 4 resized

Cow Cow makes a gajillion different customizable items and have a kazillion different ready-made prints and patterns on every theme imaginable. And many items go up to plus size 5xl. That’s what I got and it’s actually a little large, I could have gotten a 4xl and it wouldn’t have been slipping off my one shoulder. It’s also mad affordable.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater plus size fashion blogger 12.17.17 6 resized

You can find them on their own website and on Amazon. I think there’s more variety on their website but items are cheaper on Amazon, and especially if you have Amazon Prime you won’t pay shipping. Just be forewarned, if you want something specific in a holiday theme be sure to order well before the holiday because shipping takes much longer, although for $20 they can expedite shipping and you can get your wacky Christmas dress to you in time for your holiday staff party!

fashion schlub bettye rainwater plus size fashion blogger 12.17.17 8 resized

This is not my favorite picture of me, but…but…there’s a……..

fashion schlub bettye rainwater plus size fashion blogger 12.17.17 9 resized


fashion schlub bettye rainwater plus size fashion blogger 12.17.17 10b resized

Here’s a closer look at the amazing dress in all its glory…

fashion schlub bettye rainwater plus size fashion blogger 12.17.17 11 resized

…and closer….

fashion schlub bettye rainwater plus size fashion blogger 12.17.17 12 resized

…and closer….

fashion schlub bettye rainwater plus size fashion blogger 12.17.17 12 cropped 1 resized

…and closer!!!

fashion schlub bettye rainwater plus size fashion blogger 12.17.17 12 cropped 2 resized

Hope you’re taking some time this holiday season to reflect and breathe and visit with loved ones.

What I’m Wearing:

Today I’m linking up with Elegantly Dressed and Stylish for the Turning Heads Linkup. Jess looks To. Die. For. in a military-inspired blazer. I’m also linking-up with The Saturday Share Link-up on Not Dressed as Lamb and there are many other lovely ladies there to check out as well!

Week in Review: Week 95

I’m not sure I remember last week. Good thing I took pictures.

We had snow.


I watched my hair grow.

Vegan bridal shower cake.

You didn’t think the whole thing was gonna rhyme, did you??


My first acai bowl. It’s lovely, but come on – this is a dessert thing, not a breakfast thing.


I finally wore the floral top from Rainbow Shop (oh my gosh, I cannot stop!).


I wish I had an elephant on my Christmas stocking.


I entered Caleb’s snowy picture in an online photo contest and they used the picture as an advertisement for the contest CUZ CALEB IS SO GOSHDARN SWEET. If you felt like voting for my lovely picture (no pressure), go HERE and “like” the picture. Give the link a couple seconds to get you to the right page (the picture below without the text on the pic). That would be so lovely of you.


And here’s REAL Caleb in the snow. Cuz we had more snow.


Went to Chinese dinner with my friends.


Christmas lights.


This happened.


Work staff holiday party.


Wow. There was more going on than I thought.

Bettye out.

Week in Review: Week 93

Thanksgiving is behind us and now we’re racing ahead to Christmas – and if not Christmas, what holiday (if any) will you be celebrating this winter? I feel like every year I hear about more different holidays, and really, growing up, I only heard about *my* holidays, and since that’s all my family celebrated, that’s all I knew there was. I’m so grateful that school-children these days are being taught about many different ethnicities and what they celebrate. That’s a big step towards future inclusivity.

It’s weird, in some ways I feel we’re – humanity as a whole – getting so much better about accepting that there are people that are different than we are and accepting them as just as valued? Entitled? Not sure of the right word there, but…that we ALL have a place here. No one is more entitled than anyone else…and no one is less entitled. In theory. Because in many ways I feel we’re going way off the rails as far as valuing everyone equally, and treating  them equally. And *I* certainly don’t know what the answer is – but education is a big part of it.

Whoa. That got real serious real fast. Just thinking of the holidays got me started.

Anyway. This week!  The highlight was definitely doing a photo shoot with Jennifer of Peanut&Pip Photography…with Caleb. Her photography is amazingly beautiful and I’m thrilled with the outcome (it looks like WordPress is mucking with photo quality here). My boy is getting so old and while I have tons of pictures of him, I don’t have any nice pictures of us. And I will treasure this forever.


It’s getting more and more challenging for me to catch sunsets these days, but I did get to see this lovely sky on my way home that day.


Work outfits for the week ahead.


My weekly hair update, ha. It’s coming in…interesting how varied the color and growth rate is all around my head.


Really making an effort to see as many sunsetty skies as possible. It gives me a chance to just take a moment and go, ahhhhh.


I loved this cardi from Gwynnie Bee. You’ll see it more in an upcoming blog post.


Up early working at the computer…and the kids were hanging out behind me.


Another OOTD from this week. I realized I was wearing a lot of solids on solids and they needed something to break up the big expanse of “solid colored boob area,” either a necklace or a scarf. After this summer I certainly have no shortage of scarves, so…Plus, it was an exceptionally balmy day for November and I got one more day of bare legs in. Yay.


Say it with me now….AHHHHHH.


The current state of things. I’ve still got some boxes around but at least they’re pretty. My goal is to have the living room totally devoid of boxes before the Christmas tree arrives. I better get on that!


And my Big News (ha)…I’m doing Vlogmas this month on my Fashion Schlub YouTube channel. Now, I’m almost embarrassed to mention it cuz the production quality is so so bad…BUT I really hope that by doing a vlog Every Single Day for the next 24 days I will have improved, at least in some areas. Anyway, the quality has nowhere to go but up, so…that’s something to look forward to! They’re short, just sort of a look at my day, a little fashion, a little miscellaneous. If you’re interested, here’s Vlogmas Day 1 (please have very low expectations, ha). And I would love if you would leave a comment on the page or a “thumbs up”!

Exmas Eve


My ex-husband and his new wife and family are thoughtful enough to invite me to their house each year for Xmas Eve dinner and festivities (do you get it now? EX-mas Eve? How long do you think I’ve been waiting to use THAT title?!?). Modern Family, amiright??


It had been rainy all day but we had a little sun-show in the late afternoon so the girl and I ran out to do a quick photo shoot of my Christmas Eve outfit. I opted for low-key and comfy in this (favorite) black and white striped swing dress from Old Navy under the army green cascade vest by Ava & Viv at Target. A super cute infinity scarf from one of my sweet work officemates (the other one gave me Peppermint Moonshine !!! So no less sweet) kept my neck warm. I find that if my feet, neck, hands and ears are warm, I’m good. I can manage with just a light jacket. I think my knee-high brown boots would have worked here, too, but…they shrunk since last winter.


At what age is it still appropriate to sit on the floor with the animals at parties and social gatherings? Cuz I’d like to go back to that age, please and thank you.


Do you dress fancy or comfy for the holidays? Being plus size, comfort is paramount. I try to be color appropriate, but over the years I have definitely moved away from “dressed up” to more comfy. I remember the days of buying a “holiday outfit,” that would only get worn once or twice. Those days are gone! I prefer to invest my clothing budget in a coat or bra or something that I’m going to wear Every Day.


I usually bring my boy Caleb to the ex’es…but he’s just been so dotty, I didn’t want him to get in trouble for not hearing people tell him to move or go lay down or whatever. This is Hannah, the matriarch of the family. She’s the sweetest dog on the planet. And that’s my baby girl, fancy in a red dress.


I feel like I belong in the woods in this outfit. I am a Holiday Woodland Sprite. I may or may not have had a nip or two of Peppermint Moonshine this day.


I love watching the kids open their gifts.


These booties from Avenue are super comfy. They’re wide width and have like a tongue opening at the front so they’re not tight across the front of my fat shins like most booties are. I wish I could find something a little sleeker looking that also fit well but…such is life.


The universal sign for DON’T. TAKE. MY. PICTURE. Not hard to guess whose sister SHE is.


Do you ever shop online at ASOS? You should. Besides having amazing selections of both straight and plus sizes, they have a video feature called “Catwalk,” where you can see each and every item worn by a model and walked down the runway. In video you can tell much better what the fabric is like. Is it stiff and unmoving? Is it flowy and drapey? I love fabric that moves nicely like this vest.


Somewhere in the world is a picture of me at 9 years old in a weird bathing suit at a park overlooking the ocean in La Jolla, California…making That. Same. Exact. Face. Apples, man.


Thanks for joining me for Exmas Eve…I know I’m a little behind with this post but I’ve been busy. And sick. I have The Cough That Will Just Not Die. I think I need a milkshake.

What I’m Wearing:

  • Black and white striped swing dress from Old Navy, size 3x. No longer in stock, comparable here and here
  • Ava & Viv army green long layering vest from Target, size 3x, no longer available. Similar here
  • Avenue Myla Oxford Bootie No longer in stock. Similar here and here

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…

On Thanksgiving, the child and I went into the city for a visit to the Byrant Park Winter Village, a charming, bustling pop-up shopping/dining area that happens every year at this time. Delightful shops and eateries, good people watching (a favorite activity of mine!), and I thought a good spot for a photo shoot! It was certainly scenic, but so many people milling about made photos Very Challenging. I’m giving us an E for Effort.

Let’s just look at the pictures, shall we??













What I’m Wearing