Week in Review: Week 129

This past week feels like Before The Thing, The Thing, and After The Thing. I worked Monday for the last day and Tuesday started vacation – YAY – and I spent it relaxing and unwinding…I painted a leaf (ha, keeping the bar pretty low for myself)…


….dropped my car off to get the headlight fixed – YAY – and met friends for dinner. Then Wednesday was The Thing and I fell down a dark hole for that day and most of the next day. Thursday was originally Sunflower Field Shoot Day but due to extenuating circumstances that didn’t happen. Instead I went out east with friends…

The Big Duck


The Recommended and Much Deserved Ice Cream


I was really lichen this bench.


Not sure where I’m headed now.


So much ravioli.




Friday I went with a friend to an exhibit in the Rockaways. Yayoi Kusama’s stainless steel gazing balls in a decrepit old warehouse at Fort Tilden.


rockaway gazing balls 8.24.18 3rockaway gazing balls 8.24.18 4 resized

I loved hearing how there is a person who comes in periodically to reshine the stainless steel balls. That’s a lotta balls to shine!

Yesterday I got two new used tires and a bent rim fixed in the morning and in the late afternoon had an engagement shoot. Today I’d planned to go to the beach, then decided to take it easy and go to a “forest bathing” meetup instead, then so exhausted myself filming a try-on haul video that I blew that off, too.

I’m exhausted. Thank goodness I took it easy on Tuesday because the next 5 days did me in. It’s 7:42 and I’m ready for bed. So that was Vacation Week #1. And I still have another week to go!!!  Hopefully this week will bring no unpleasant surprises. Fingers crossed.


15 thoughts on “Week in Review: Week 129

  1. I lichened that bench too! I love how comfortable the pets are who you pet sit! It’s a weekend at a dog spa with no pesky groomers! And I followed the link to learn about the stainless steel balls. How interesting that she did guerilla art way back in the 60’s. So daring! Love it! And yay to crossing things off of your to-do list!

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    1. Yeah, I almost said “sorry i hadda do it” after the lichen comment but then thought…NO APOLOGIES! Ha.

      The to-do list is moving along a little slowly. I ONLY HAVE ONE MORE WEEK! Sadface. At least there’s a lot of days off in September due to the various Jewish holidays, so…we get to sort of ease back in.

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  2. Okay, I LOVE that leaf – and you are (or maybe were already) a pretty darned good artist. You wouldn’t want to see what my leaf would look like. I can barely draw stick people. I’m jealous.

    Dog sitting – that big dog looks pretty comfty on your sofa – like he’s (or maybe she – all dogs are he to me) right at home.

    Have a great day today and the rest of the week of your vacation.

    Grace & Peace, Iris

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    1. Oh, I’ll have to share my FIRST leaf, ha ha, it’s REALLY sad.

      That was Muggles the Puggle on the sofa. He’s one of my landfriend’s 3 dogs…so whenever she goes away I just open the door between us and let them in. So they’re all very comfortable here.

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    1. There was plenty of security to make sure no one rolled around (or touched) the balls. Which is a little ironic considering the artist’s original installation was her personally standing amidst tons of balls at a park and handing them out to passers-by. Of course, that was shut down, and she proceeded to become The Queen of Polka Dots, painting polka dots on anything and everything, including “ahem” parts of the male anatomy (there was a delightful video). And the spheres, I guess, are just a 3-dimensional polka dot! And the reflection in the stainless steel gives you infinite images of balls on balls on balls. Yeah.

      I actually *do* have a little video for IG, I just haven’t edited it down enough yet to email it to myself 🙂 GMTA!


  3. I also lichened the bench, Ms. Punster, but I liked the ravioli menu more. What kind did you get?: I’m curious, because I can see at least 8 varieties I would kill for. I will eat anything with artichokes, and the chicken/pancetta looked delightful. I hope the ice cream had the desired therapeutic effect, if not, more and numerous applications will be necessary.
    You look fabulous. Enjoy your time off.

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    1. I actually didn’t get any ravioli. We’d walked a bit and ended up at this spot with a bunch of food trucks, mad long lines, and no available seating. And it was HOT. We all just wanted to get back to the car and the ac and drive somewhere we could SIT and eat. But yeah, that list was amazing – and that was only ONE of the lists! I’ll have to try and make some of those kinds one day.

      The ice cream, however, was DEELISH. Dark chocolate raspberry ribbon brownie chunk…with a topping of pulverized oreo cookie, toasted coconut and salty nuts. It was amazing.


    1. Long Island used to be like the duck farm capitol of the US or something (https://modernfarmer.com/2014/12/long-island-duck-farming-almost/) and I believe The Big Duck is the last vestige of a day gone by. There’s actually a teeny tiny gift shop inside. along with old articles and newspaper clippings about it and other “whimsical architecture.” Most of the others are in SoCal – the hot dog stands shaped like, you guessed it, a giant hot dog on a bun, and the Brown Derby, etc. I’ve always meant to go out in December cuz they decorate it for Christmas, but I’m not usually headed that far east in the winter.

      We’ll have to get you some goats!

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    1. I know, right? I was dying to just knock one around with my toe! They were all placed on silver plastic rings, like bracelets, to keep them rolling around.

      I have no doubt that YOU would have *accidentally* knocked some about.

      Even if I could right now, I’m not ready for another dog. Besides, Janey is really loving being an only creature. She gets more attention…and she’s no spring chicken either, so it’s nice that she can enjoy her end of days as an only child. Without going to the filing cabinet, I *think* she’s 14? Which is not OLD for a cat, but…she’d getting there.


  4. So, it looks like a lively and colorful week for you. That Ravioli Menu list sounds so mouthwatering!
    Did you ever think of a make up tutorial? You always look so natural, fresh an polished without looking tarted up.
    Have another great week.

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    1. Ha ha, Barbara you made me literally Laugh Out Loud…I’m so glad I don’t look all “tarted up”! I have a love-hate relationship with make-up. I love the POTENTIAL in beauty products but I hate the ridiculous expense and the fact that they RARELY live up to their promise. That said, I have been trying to make a LITTLE more of an effort, and I actually did film the start a several-product review a couple months ago…that needs the “after” still. I think when it cools off a bit and I’m not sweaty All The Time anymore, I’ll finish that up – thanks for the reminder..and the compliment!


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