Who Do You Dress For?

fashion schlub plus size fashion blogger bettye rainwater 6.1.16 2

I spent some time this afternoon with an *old* friend…who revealed to me that he has seen this blog…and commented that there have been a couple outfits he hasn’t liked…and that in particular he does not like these sneakers (above)…which, ha ha, I just happened to be wearing today.

And I just thought “….oh. okay,” and moved on. I didn’t feel insulted. I didn’t even really care. I’m not dressing for him. I’m not dressing for *anyone.* I’m just dressing for me.

They say there are different kinds of women…women who dress for men…women who dress for women…and women who dress for themselves. At this point in my life I am most definitely the latter.

Which is not to say that if I had a gentleman suitor 🙂 that I would not want to look nice for him…but I would want to look how *I* think I look nice.

Some of that is tied into personal confidence (and the lack thereof)…and some of it is probably about trying to be a pleaser, which in the past I have been, to my own detriment. And I wish I could have been as much of my own person when I was younger…not giving as much importance or power to other people…about how I behaved or how I looked. But…I’m glad I finally got here. And I hope my daughter has more inner confidence than I did at her age. I think she does.



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