My Daughter is Stacey London

Well, at least she PLAYS her in our game of What Not to Wear. We go to a store and she gets to pick out several outfits that I have to try on, whether I like them or not…just to force myself to try things outside the box. It’s really kind of fun to see what she pulls out for me. Sometimes I’m surprised by liking things I would never have chosen for myself.


Yesterday we went to my local Kohls…not generally my favorite store to begin with, but…we wanted to stay close to home so we could get to the carnival, and Kohls is close, so…

Stacey  The Child.

We wandered around the plus-size section, me trying not to touch (I’m a toucher) anything so I wouldn’t accidentally lead her to things I liked…and her challenged by putting together complete outfits in a size they did not (as usual) have a good stock of.

So, Outfit #1:


  • White cami
  • Burgundy Apt. 9 cardigan
  • My leggings

I actually used to have the same cardi in teal in a smaller (better size).


  • Grey pullover hoodie. I liked it in theory better than on my body..


  • Apt. 9 orange sleeveless high-low top. I never would have picked this for myself, but once again I was surprised by how much liked a bright color on myself. The fit was nice, except for the too big arm holes, the bra and lots of skin was showing under my arms.


She had really paired the orange top w a black skirt…but the proportions were all off.



And an alternative top




And with a silvery grey cardigan over top.

So, what do you think? How do you think The Child did with putting together outfits for her old Mom? What did you like or nor like? What do you think I should have bought?




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