My Week in Review: Week 14

The week started peacefully at an Open Garden Day in Locust Valley. Then took a bad turn when I drove past an old boyfriend’s house in the area, pulling up old big emotions. I had a couple-day sad after that but feel I am over the worst of it. Phew! Why do we do stupid things that we KNOW are just going to send us down a painful path??


I witnessed an amazing evening sky.


Shoe shopping happened. It was brutal. I did *not* buy all the shoes below!


A new dress arrived in the mail! It was the wrong size! Boohoo!


Wore the new shoes to work!


Strolling with the boy…


The Child and I shop,. I had to try on everything she chose for me.


I tried a new Amy’s. It was pretty gosh darn good.]


The child and I ride the ferris wheel at the carnival,


The Boy got older 😦


So did I.


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