It’s (ALMOST) Spring!

I know we could still have snow and freezing temperatures in March…but it’s more likely we’ll have some warm breezes and crocuses popping up in the lawn (lookit me, all positive and sh*t!). And with warm breezes on my mind, my thoughts also turn to warm weather outfits – BARE LEGS! NO TIGHTS! Ahh. I don’t mind the cold. I mind dressing for the cold. If you’re heavy (or have ever endured the final months of pregnancy) you know how difficult seemingly simple tasks can become – like reaching your feet to pull on tights or even socks. Tying shoes is a near-death, oxygen-cutting-off experience hardship when there’s so much mid-section bulk. I don’t “not love” myself and my body, but like a well-loved partner, damn if it’s not annoying at times!

In thinking back to last year’s spring and summer wardrobes, I believe they’re pretty well filled out. Of course I’ll want a couple new fun things, but this year will mostly be about accessories. Shoes, bags, jewelry, jackets, scarves. I tend to have One Bag that I carry til it’s falling apart. I never seem to have quite the right shoes to go with every outfit and situation. My jewelry cupboard is so very bare. And while I have a GAZILLION scarves from Chemo Season 2017, they don’t necessarily complement my wardrobe. And so…the online browsing and shopping begins…


I’ve been looking for a soft grey…or taupe…or greyish-taupe slip-on for wearing everyday, every way.  These Keds Women’s Double Decker Slip-On Sneakers in taupe would fill the bill nicely. I always have to make sure a shoe either has arch support built-in or is deep enough that I can fit arch support inserts in and my foot still fits into the shoe. I also have a high instep so I need a shoe that doesn’t come up too high on the foot like a lot of slip-ons do. So if you have “problem feet” like I do, my hunt might help you. Do any of you have brands of shoes you like that are good for painful feet??

I also need a slightly more fancy sneaker or super-comfy flat for summer dresses…in black and also a neutral…

LOVE this shoe! I’m not usually a “branded” lover – you know those items with logos or brand names on them…but I so like the style of this shoe and think it can be worn beautifully with pants or casual dresses, that I’ve been coveting it for months. My concern is my wide foot in that slender shoe…so I’m making sure I have some good alternatives at the ready.

Calvin Klein Women’s Mora Slip-On Sneaker

And of course a regular sneaker for actual walking (as opposed to just walking in and out of work)…

I like this New Balance sneaker that doesn’t actually lace-up so no bending over to tie laces required, woohoo! And that loop at the back for pulling up a caved-in heel (don’t you hate that??) is very nice.

Maybe that’s enough for one post! I’ve been admiring some bags for summer, too…but I’ll save that for another time. Hope you enjoyed window shopping with me…see anything you like??

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My Week in Review: Week 15


The week started at THE CURVY CON (!!!). I still have some leftover excitement from it – in fact, i just realized this evening that I never really looked through my goody bag – I was so exhausted at the time I opened it to peek inside, went “OOH!” then set it aside for a time when I could really look at all the things. I’ll be sure to let you know what goodies I got.


I’m DEFINITELY going to go again next year, Sep 8-9, 2017, it’ll be like my birthday present to myself. I’m hoping to take a buddy along next time. If *you* want to go, here’s an affiliate link* to get to the advance ticket sales.

At the end of that amazing (exhausting!) day, I got back Just In Time to see a beautiful sunset over the harbor.


Monday at work was Nautical Day. There were a lot of stripes going on!


It was also the first day of “Summer Secret Santa,” and I got a lovely inspirational message from my SSS.



Another day a friend/co-worker surprised me with a Hello Kitty fan slash candy holder. With candy!


My daughter found this when unpacking from her return home. It’s a letter I gave her a lonnnnnnnng time ago. Apparently I’ve had a desire to be Fabulous for quite some time.


We did the infamous Denim vs. Denim photoshoot.

A co-worked brought her puppy to work. The visit wore her out and she fell asleep in my office. She had loose puppy skin. Squeee!


I was looking for a little gift for someone at Marshall’s and couldn’t resist a quick dressing room trip. I got one of these tops – you’ll see it soon on the blog.


Grabbed dinner at Blaze Pizza then went down to a beach with friends to eat. It was a perfect night for sitting out. Pretty light, a little cool. Pizza.


We met Wilson.

fashion schlub plus size 6.23.16 5

Got a little blast from the past from a long-time friend. She sent some pictures from our horse-crazy high school days. That’s me in the orange with the cranky looking grey mare.


Today was Take Your Dog to Work Day…so Caleb hung out with us in the office along with his new little friend Zoey.


And now Caleb is pooped. And so am I. Goodnight.


*If you use this link and end up purchasing the tickets, I get a cute little commission 🙂

Oldies but Goodies

fashion schlub plus size 6.23.16 1 resized

Tonight was my first “evening at the beach” of the summer. It was still hot hot when I was getting ready to go out and I just wanted to be comfy and cool…so, not caring about schlubby/not-schlubby, I went with an old favorite. A Mossimo (Target) dress I’ve had about 10 (yes, ten) years…and *I* didn’t even buy it new then, I thrifted it!

fashion schlub plus size 6.23.16 2 resized

And my Mephisto footbed sandals I’ve had, are you ready for this, for TWENTY YEARS. No Joke. I know they’re hella ugly, they look a little like orthopedic sandals, but when I just want easy, they’re my go-tos. As big fat puffy swollen as my feet can get in the summer, these always fit.

fashion schlub plus size 6.23.16 3 resized

It’s good to always keep some old favorites in your closet…sometimes you just need the comfort and ease they can bring, in spite of what they look like. I wouldn’t wear this dress to work, it’s too worn and low-cut…but it’s perfect for weekends and casual evenings.

fashion schlub plus size 6.23.16 4 resized

What’s your longest-held-onto article of clothing that you still wear? Neither of these are my *oldest* items. But that’s for another day.

And speaking of oldies but goodies…a lonnnng time friend sent me these pictures earlier this evening, from our horsey high school days…


That’s me on the right. In the orange bare midriff halter-tube top. Man was THAT  a lifetime ago!!!


I would have been 17 here. And I thought I was fat.


Me on the right again. JUMPING. Over things. Wow.

I’ll think of this picture tomorrow morning when I’m trying to get up out of bed. Sigh.

My Week in Review: Week 14

The week started peacefully at an Open Garden Day in Locust Valley. Then took a bad turn when I drove past an old boyfriend’s house in the area, pulling up old big emotions. I had a couple-day sad after that but feel I am over the worst of it. Phew! Why do we do stupid things that we KNOW are just going to send us down a painful path??


I witnessed an amazing evening sky.


Shoe shopping happened. It was brutal. I did *not* buy all the shoes below!


A new dress arrived in the mail! It was the wrong size! Boohoo!


Wore the new shoes to work!


Strolling with the boy…


The Child and I shop,. I had to try on everything she chose for me.


I tried a new Amy’s. It was pretty gosh darn good.]


The child and I ride the ferris wheel at the carnival,


The Boy got older 😦


So did I.

If You Hate Feet Don’t Open This

aka Worst Blog Post Ever.

My friend Jayne shoe-shamed me. I was lovely-proper-British-accent-shamed into shoe shopping. My idea of hell is having to crochet and go shoe shopping. HELL.

But she had a point…I wear my cheaply-made Payless (I still love you, Payless, for your inexpensive vegan shoe selection, but let’s be real) black flats A. LOT. I’ve only had them for like 2 months and they’re looking dingy and misshapen. I’ve not been summer shoe shopping yet and have been relying on sneakers and the black flats…and in the past week I’ve had criticisms of BOTH of those. Not that I’m Miss Do Whatever Anybody Tells Me To Do, but I *can* accede their point…so I’ve been walking on hot coals  browsing the shoe sales and shops for the past few days.

I’m all for body positivity and all that. But I can accept that I Have Ugly Feet. Especially this time of year. As soon as it gets the slightest bit warm or humid, my feet swell. A puffy, lumpy edema swell. They’ve been like this since I was pregnant with my daughter. She’s 25. I know the drill. They actually weren’t *that* bad today because it’s been dry and relatively cool the past few days. But still. Lumpy bumpy fat-creased ankles and doughy feet.

And I LOVE shoes. I love pretty shoes and funky shoes and architectural shoes and classic shoes. But I put them on my feet and I make them ugly. It’s a very sad thing.

So, in the interest of JOURNALISM, I decided to share my shoe shopping nightmare with you. Please stop scrolling here if you don’t like feet. Things are going to get ugly.

shoes 2
It’s a challenge to photograph your feet in those little mirrors under the try-on stools.
Sigh. So pretty. But leather. I don’t do leather. Another challenge.
shoes 1
I was really looking for a replacement for my black flats and a neutral toned shoe that would go with things other than black.
Can’t I just get these and cover up all the ugly??
shoes 3
This was the black flat section. They were basically my current shoes just a little nicer and $50 more expensive. I do love a nice d’orsay flat in the summer.
I lugged an ever-growing selection of shoes around the store…bear in mind I have only shown you the shoes I could actually get on my feet. Here is the final selection, of which I bought two pairs.

So. What do you think?? What shoes did I come home with?

My Week in Review: Week 3


New shoes.


Can’t find black flats that I like/can afford/fit/that aren’t leather ANYWHERE.


New shoes woes 😦


Easter stroll with my boy.


He had to rest mid-stroll.


Got my hair cut and colored.


I drove by two of my old houses on the way to the salon. I miss them both.



Hello Kitty.


Balloons at work for a special picture.


Hello there.


How did I not see this crazy hemline at the store (without fitting rooms)! Back it goes.


The kids like to remodel the furniture. It’s a good thing they’re cute.


I photographed a Spring Luau that the sweetest high school students threw for the students at the school where I work. My boss turned the tables on me and took *my* picture!

How was *your* week??