My Week in Review: Week 15


The week started at THE CURVY CON (!!!). I still have some leftover excitement from it – in fact, i just realized this evening that I never really looked through my goody bag – I was so exhausted at the time I opened it to peek inside, went “OOH!” then set it aside for a time when I could really look at all the things. I’ll be sure to let you know what goodies I got.


I’m DEFINITELY going to go again next year, Sep 8-9, 2017, it’ll be like my birthday present to myself. I’m hoping to take a buddy along next time. If *you* want to go, here’s an affiliate link* to get to the advance ticket sales.

At the end of that amazing (exhausting!) day, I got back Just In Time to see a beautiful sunset over the harbor.


Monday at work was Nautical Day. There were a lot of stripes going on!


It was also the first day of “Summer Secret Santa,” and I got a lovely inspirational message from my SSS.



Another day a friend/co-worker surprised me with a Hello Kitty fan slash candy holder. With candy!


My daughter found this when unpacking from her return home. It’s a letter I gave her a lonnnnnnnng time ago. Apparently I’ve had a desire to be Fabulous for quite some time.


We did the infamous Denim vs. Denim photoshoot.

A co-worked brought her puppy to work. The visit wore her out and she fell asleep in my office. She had loose puppy skin. Squeee!


I was looking for a little gift for someone at Marshall’s and couldn’t resist a quick dressing room trip. I got one of these tops – you’ll see it soon on the blog.


Grabbed dinner at Blaze Pizza then went down to a beach with friends to eat. It was a perfect night for sitting out. Pretty light, a little cool. Pizza.


We met Wilson.

fashion schlub plus size 6.23.16 5

Got a little blast from the past from a long-time friend. She sent some pictures from our horse-crazy high school days. That’s me in the orange with the cranky looking grey mare.


Today was Take Your Dog to Work Day…so Caleb hung out with us in the office along with his new little friend Zoey.


And now Caleb is pooped. And so am I. Goodnight.


*If you use this link and end up purchasing the tickets, I get a cute little commission 🙂


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