Week in Review: Week 78

I really really tried to get a blog post up this week but. Work has been busy, evenings have been busy. I’m pooped. I’m sort of trembly all the time, sort of hard to explain but suffice it to say I GOT NO JUICE. But there were still a couple high points this week, so…

I got goodies from plusBKLYN !!! Look how fun their packaging is with hearts all over. I heart YOU, Alexis Krase! My favorite summer dress is from there (see below) and now I have a NEW new favorite that I will share soon!


fashion schlub bettye rainwater plus size over 50 blogger 7.10.17 1 resized
New favorite summer dress from plusBKLYN

I’m living on the edge. Yes, I kept driving.


Ooh, one of the new plusBLYN dresses, this awesome indigo tie-dye dress. Was a chilly day so I needed a cardi over, but. The boxes are encroaching.


My lovely friend at work gave me these two tiny elephants. They kind of look they were sculpted out of teeth. Which makes them weirdly even more appealing.


A super-sweet parent from work gave me this tropical print bandana and I’ve been waiting to wear it with this outfit. I never did really pull all my summer stuff out this year so this was buried in the winter clothes and needed a trip to the cleaners. I can’t wait to have access to a washer/dryer in the new apartment! ps, I feel like my eyebrows are disappearing 😦


Me and some friends went to this wacky “movies on the river” night to see Jaws. It was an interesting way to see a movie…but wet and cold.

We’re the second row back, second raft from the left. You can’t really make out it’s us, but it is.

jaws on the river

My “new mom” raided HER mom’s scarf collection for me and they are UH-MAZING!!! Lots of vintage, touristy ones, one has dance steps on it, another nautical terms, awesome 70s colors. This was a Rome tourist scarf (it says “ROMA) and is perfect with my favorite black dress.

My sister sent me an eyebrow pencil and was like USE THIS. I rebelled for awhile but gave it a try here…and it’s good. It’s very subtle but looks like I have full eyebrows again.

See the picture hanging on the wall at photo left below? I scooped it up at an auction many years ago and have always loved her…walking along a seaside cliff, looking so JOYOUS. I always said I want to feel like her. And now, with my headscarves, I sort of LOOK like her!


We made a trip to the new apartment to move everything I’ve already packed…but there are Still. So. Many. Boxes. To. Fill. This weekend is IT. I MUST finish up, no matter how trembly I feel. The week ahead is moving and chemo so I really need to get’er done!


I *will* have a new blog post up this week that includes an embarrassing video of my current apartment in its current state and a throwback outfit that somehow never got blogged from way back in May!

I can’t believe “summer proper” is almost over. I hope y’all are having a good one.

xoxo Bettye



3 thoughts on “Week in Review: Week 78

  1. Love the first dress and the outfit with the bright scarf. You’re going to win the prize for the best scarf collection. Love the tiny elephants 🙂

    You’re a brave lady moving while doing chemo. I painted my kitchen. Either it turned into a much bigger project than I’d thought, OR it was during chemo. Had offers of help, but think it was just something I needed to do to prove that I was not an down yet, and I could do this! Your moving time might not have been the time you would have chosen, but you will look back and say: “Hey, look what I did!”


  2. I echo Iris. You are brave and strong to do those two things together. And you will be so proud when you’re done. Are you doing lots of purging? I filled a dumpster plus gave a ton away. It was actually pretty freeing. I still have a lot of stuff but now know I can live without most of it (though my blog outfits are getting a little stale!). Anyway, hope you’re doing well and doing fun events and moving in to a place you love. Did you check out a good location for outfit shots beforehand? Maybe paint a wall red or pink for Instagram photos? Ok, take care. Julia

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    1. I don’t know about brave and strong, really. I keep hearing those words, but….I don’t feel like either. I’m just doing what people tell me to do (treatments) and accepting an opportunity presented to me (new apartment). Both just sort of fell into my lap at the same time – I would certainly never PLAN a move during chemo, oofah!

      I think I’ll be SURPRISED if I make it through both unscathed, ha ha.

      You know, I’ve moved 9 times in the past 32 years…4 of those in the past 9 years…and I’ve purged every time. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I’m really just left with stuff I want to keep so it’s hard to purge further. Sadly, I still own more stuff than I have space for so I’ve had a storage unit for many years hoping that someday I’ll have a house again…or larger apartment, where I will actually have room for all my things. Every year when I look back at how much I’ve spent on the storage unit it seems like such a waste and I could possibly re-buy all those things inside for half that cost! But…I just can’t bring myself to let it go yet.

      Once I’m in the new place I’ll have to scope out the best selfie spots indoors…but the town is very charming and has lots of good photo opp locations, so that will be fun. Plus, I’m going to try and wrangle (ha ha) my *landlord* (Hi, K!) into also being my photographer (fingers crossed) so maybe I can finally get more posts up on a regular basis.

      Sending you good house-finding mojo!!!

      Bettye xoxo

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