Week in Review: Week 95

I’m not sure I remember last week. Good thing I took pictures.

We had snow.


I watched my hair grow.

Vegan bridal shower cake.

You didn’t think the whole thing was gonna rhyme, did you??


My first acai bowl. It’s lovely, but come on – this is a dessert thing, not a breakfast thing.


I finally wore the floral top from Rainbow Shop (oh my gosh, I cannot stop!).


I wish I had an elephant on my Christmas stocking.


I entered Caleb’s snowy picture in an online photo contest and they used the picture as an advertisement for the contest CUZ CALEB IS SO GOSHDARN SWEET. If you felt like voting for my lovely picture (no pressure), go HERE and “like” the picture. Give the link a couple seconds to get you to the right page (the picture below without the text on the pic). That would be so lovely of you.


And here’s REAL Caleb in the snow. Cuz we had more snow.


Went to Chinese dinner with my friends.


Christmas lights.


This happened.


Work staff holiday party.


Wow. There was more going on than I thought.

Bettye out.


5 thoughts on “Week in Review: Week 95

  1. I’m so glad you reposted Caleb’s link b/c I went to it the first time you mentioned it and couldn’t find it. I voted! When are you going to show us your full Christmas dress? I hope your daughter gets their soon so you can go tree shopping. We just bought an indoor plant but it’s a norfolk pine and decorated it. Next year we’ll get a real one for sure!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shot the creepy Christmas dress this morning, that blog will be posted Tuesday morning 🙂 Daughter did finally get here, we got a tree but she was not feeling well so said she’ll be back Tuesday night to help decorate. I think I may do lights and “the things that must be put on me cuz no one else can do it right” (I’m not too ocd) tomorrow night, then she can do the fillers on Tuesday. The branches still need to fall tonight and I can’t stand anymore cuz my feet at ki-i-i-lling me. Your Norfolk Pine sounds adorable! Thanks for voting for Caleb!


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