Week in Review: Week 107

I love the charming older homes in my area.


I was sick for two days and didn’t get out.


My view from bed.



And then we had more snow!


And had another snow day, which we all love very much.



I’ve been looking for an etagere in just the right size since I moved here back in August, and finally found one on CraigsList. Guess I should have emptied my car out before going to pick it up. Fortunately I had some old computer cables in the back to tie the hatch down as it wouldn’t shut with the etagare legs sticking it. AND, fortunately, it was less than two miles from my house so I didn’t have to drive far after picking it up. It’s very hilly around here and I was afraid all my junk would start spilling out the back as I drove uphill!


In place.


I got a little neatening trim from Morgan at Posh. Now it looks more like an intentional style vs. growing out bald head.


Janey in the packing peanuts.


Shopping for comfortable black flats. I loved these but managed to control myself.


The final contenders.


Ooh, pretty! Should I??


New hair, new shoes, Gwynnie Bee dress – off to a wedding!




And today I slept on and off almost all day! Running errands all day yesterday and being out late last night took it’s toll on me and I could just not stay awake so I kept laying back down “for just 5 minutes” and would wake up hours later…until 4:00 this afternoon!!! Gah! I don’t feel ready to start a new work week yet, but…..that’s life.



9 thoughts on “Week in Review: Week 107

  1. Janey is the cutest way to bring a smile to anyone’s face! I like the hair do! It does look stylish and your dress you wore to the wedding was gorgeous. Are you finding the clothes you wear, or at least the necklines you wear, are different with shorter hair vs longer hair? I know jewelry is different but wondering about clothing. Which shoes did you decide? The pointy ones are cuter but I wonder if they are uncomfortable. Hope you are feeling better!

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    1. I don’t know that I notice any difference with dressing with short hair vs long, except that my turtlenecks mess up the back where I want it to lay neatly down. I got the pointier shoes, I never feel right in a round-toed shoe. I feel stumpy 🙂 And I will regale you with the WONDERS of the shoes I got in my next blog post 🙂

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  2. Oh, is there also a very bad flu hanging over there? Here it is, and I already been sick twice this winter! But spring is around the corner Bettye! Good Times are coming! Oh and doesn t Janey look so cute! And you should have bought the Leopard print shoes too! BTW, can you post a photo of your house? I am so curious!

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    1. I managed to avoid the flu – in fact, have *never* had the flu – and just had one-day of fever and then several days or earache and sore throat. I slept a lot. Fortunately we had a snow day after I’d already used my two sick days so I got an extra day of rest. And another one today, woohoo! Thank you, Mother Nature! I’ll post new apartment pictures, soon. You can see the inside before I moved all my stuff in here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oLBbw4o26U


  3. What is cuter than that photo of Janey in the packing peanuts !
    I love the picture of the historic home as well. I love charming houses and do not like modern McMansions. I love the dress that you wore to the wedding and I think your hair looks adorable. And yes, go blue. What a fun way to change your hair style ! I am also very tired of this weather. Springtime cannot come fast enough !

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