Weeks in Review: Week 113-115

It has been a pretty inactive month, and not worth posting individual weeks…so I’ll do a catch-up here of the few things that have been going on. It continues to be a…difficult time right now…even beyond the loss of Caleb. Ever go through a period when no place feels like a safe, comforting space? It’s not good. Yesterday I totally hid out from everyone and everything…I watched 4 hours of royal wedding, 2 hours of the end of New Girl, then movie after movie after movie, and just let other stories fill my head. For an entire day. I needed that. I feel more human today. I’ve left the building (for food), sorted through medical bills (they are endless), and am working on upcoming blog things. I just needed to wallow around the bottom for a bit. Now I think I’m ready to come up for air. Here I go.

Just a big iron rooster.


The trees were bare, bare, bare…then overnight they turned green.


I’m so grateful for one nice day that last week…and that Caleb was feeling strong enough that we sat outside in the yard together for a bit. That was the last good day 😦  Please note the grey freckles on his muzzle. They’ll have relevance later.


I’d started a 30-day challenge of posting an Outfit of the Day every day…but I fell right off that wagon when Caleb left me. I was about to start a Will Anyone Notice If I Wear the Same Pair of Jeans Every Day for a Year experiment, but…I think I’ve worked through that.


I sent my baby cupcakes for her 27th birthday. I used this place Georgetown Cupcakes that had amazing flavors and reasonable prices, and seem to ship anywhere (in the US) and quickly.


I went to a Garden Conservancy Open Days tour of a private garden here on the Island. It was just the sort of quiet, lovely activity I needed. I might share more photos in a separate post if anyone is interested.

garden conservancy open days 5.13.18 1 resized

Friends were good that first week about getting me out for company. We were able to sit outside here in town and have a nice dinner.


I photographed our annual 5K fundraiser run. It is always a rainy day but usually manages to hold off just long enough for the run to go off and prizes awarded.

JR 2018 2 blogsized

My daughter sent me flowers and chocolates for Mother’s Day.


My niece, nephew and great-niece sent me this locket to put a picture of Caleb in so I can wear him close to my heart. So thoughtful.


I FINALLY got a new pair of sunglasses. I bought a pair of Ralph Lauren sunnies in NINETEEN EIGHTY-FIVE that I have loved and worn ever since then…until last summer when I put them in my purse without their case, and an emery board scratched the lenses all up! Sadface. These are not the sunglasses of my dreams but my eyes have seemed even more sensitive to the sun lately so I had to get something. I don’t recall the brand but they’re from Target. Guess I could have taken the sticker off before taking the picture off, eh? I’m very noncommital to purchases. There are still tags on things I’ve worn half a dozen times! Not exactly sure what that’s about.


I got Janey these catnip-laced paper bags. She was not that impressed.


And my talented sister painted this picture of Caleb for me! She even painted in his little muzzle freckles 🙂 I cried and cried when I opened it. My boy.


One more full work week then a 3-day weekend, then a 4-day work week. That’s good. I need some uncommitted time.

What have you been up to now that it has finally turned to spring?




6 thoughts on “Weeks in Review: Week 113-115

  1. What a lovely and thoughtful gift from your sister, and of course you cried. It’s always difficult getting back to ‘normal’ (whatever that is) after the death of a close loved one (fur or flesh). Sounds like your tv day was good for you. My head would have exploded with an awful headache if I’d watched that much. You remain in my prayers!

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  2. Your sister is so talented. I think it’s good that you cry, because it’s such a loss. You’d be unhuman if you didn’t (I mean, I didn’t even know Caleb, and I was tearing up).


  3. We had the same thing here where nothing was budding out and over two days everything burst to fluorescent green. Our apple trees bloomed for only like 5 days so that seemed really quickly over. You said no place felt like home and I’m wondering if your mind is considering California at all…? And posting an outfit everyday would have been so hard (I’ve tried and usually start to resent it!). You are lucky Caleb was having good days until the end. It would have been very hard to watch him go slowly. Do you have some vacations planned? Planning those always perk me up when I’m feeling down. Or fun plans for the long weekend? Talk to you soon!

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    1. I would love to end up in California but it’s not a financial possibility at this time. I actually did (successfully!) that 30-day “post an outfit every day” challenge once before, right before I started this blog. It was hard but I did it. I also challenged myself one month (I’m stupid this way) to BLOG every day for 30 days. It neither killed me nor made me stronger, but I did do it. Not so much with the upcoming vacation plans. I have the first week of July off work but I’m just staying home. I might be going to my sister’s in South Carolina for a couple days at South Carolina. That’s it for me. I’m trying to put together a multi-outfit shoot w a photographer over the long weekend, which would help me for the next month not always having my back up against the wall about getting things done at the last minute. But I haven’t heard yet if he’s available. If the nice weather continues I might try for a beach day, or maybe a half a day, not having been out in the sun at all this year I don’t want to crisp up my first time out. Any fun plans for you for the holiday weekend?

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