The Anti-Shopping List / Plus Size Try-On Haul

We all know how to make a shopping list. It’s a list of things we need or want. Simple. Want to bake a cake? Make a shopping list: eggs, flour, sugar, cocoa, butter, etc. What’s maybe NOT so obvious is an “anti” shopping list – things NOT to buy. You know, those things that keep ending up in your wardrobe cuz you thought you wanted or needed them, but you FORGOT that a, b or c. You forgot that you already HAVE two light-blue tencel sleeveless summer dresses in your closet. You forgot, as much as you coveted that white denim jacket, that you MUST have a jacket with pockets. You forgot that wearing a sheer top means you must wear a cami underneath and YOU HATE CAMIS. You forgot that fixed seams at your waist aren’t doing you any favors. You forgot to measure the arm hole on that sleeveless top to make sure your whole bra won’t be showing. You forgot to do the “sit test” in that button-front blouse and now, seated at your desk at work, it is gaping open at the bust and the v-neck is falling so low that your whole cleavage is showing. Grr.

It’s easy to fall deep in love with a beautiful item…and to overlook the little things that will make it end up on THAT side of your closet again – that side where things go that you never wear.

So I have an “anti-shopping” list. I keep it right on my phone with the regular “want/need” lists, so I don’t get love-is-blind-ed by that perfect color/cut/pattern and overlook the detail(s) that will render it unwearable once I get it home. Some of the things on the list are obvious to me because I kept forgetting and making the same wardrobe mistakes over and over. But to be really thorough, I actually went item by item in my closet and noted what downfall (if any) each item had…so I knew to try and avoid that again in the future.

This is my list. Yours will be different: anti-shopping list

Now, these are just rules – not a life and death credo – and sometimes rules are meant to be broken (ha ha). But I like to be reminded of the rule before handing over my hard-earned money to be really really sure there’s a good reason for breaking it.

And My Number One Rule of Shopping: Just Because You Like It Doesn’t Mean You Have to Own It. I think that’s what causes a lot of us to bring home way too many things – clothing, home dec, etc., and then it goes unused, unworn…and just causes clutter and then stress when we realize There’s Too Much Stuff!!!  

I hope you consider making your own Anti-Shopping List so your wardrobe stops ending up with mistakes in it!

And now…I went shopping! Ha. I’ve been buying some “heading into fall” items and some basic “wear all year” items over the past month and just letting them pile up so I could do one big haul video. I’ll share links to the items below and in the description box of the video itself. And hey, video production quality much better – yay! I tried out a new camera and the lighting situation is so much better and there’s not that constant annoying sound of the lens motor maintaining focus. If you watch, let me know what you thought!

What I’m Keeping:

What I’m Returning:

I’m still on the fence about the burnt orange boho top from Thoughts?

I’m linking up today with Shelbee at her Link-Up on the Edge

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4 thoughts on “The Anti-Shopping List / Plus Size Try-On Haul

  1. I have to say, those print jeans are fabulous!! And since they are a little tighter, I think the boxy top works perfectly to have the loose with the tight!!
    That striped sweater top is gorgeous….definitely a winner even if it were $50.
    The shorter sweaters wouldn’t work over a dress?? Because I wear my short ones that way….
    That yellow cardigan adds so much fun to everything….the color is so pretty on you!!
    PS…I think you might be a happier camper if you learned a couple of alterations? Is that out of the question??


  2. Please go to Even you buy nothing else, their jeans have a fantastic fit. They have four choices of inseam, and a fit for every plus size body. You can get any leg on your jeans from jeggings to flared. And they have every size from 10-30. They are having a sale right now! I just ordered two pair of jeans, each for $20.

    Although I loved the burnt orange boho top, in particular, the way it came to a v in front, I don’t think you would be comfy in it, since even in the video you didn’t look at ease. I thought it looked good on you, but if you aren’t’ at ease, you won’t wear it.
    The mustard gold Old Navy sweater is stellar! It looks great on you, and is the perfect length. I love it. If you do decide to return it, send it to me and I will pay you 🙂 I also liked the Palomino sweater very much.
    I totally agree with you on your items selected for returning, especially the Cotton Emporium sweaters. I hated the sleeves, as they looked like they would stretch out in ten minutes.
    Those fringe jeans are adorbs!
    This was fun. I love your try on vids


  3. What an intelligent list. You do know yourself well and these rules sound thorough and easy to adhere to. I agree, it is important that we all have some guidelines and not buy impulsively. We all work hard for our money and it’s important for us , and our planet, that we buy what we will use and treasure.
    Yes to that burnt orange blouse though!

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  4. Oh Bettye – why do you have to be so smart with clothes and me such a dummy. I’ve just skimmed over this post – definitely have to go back and really, really read it when I have time and #1 son is not visiting (he’s out cutting or mowing something). My closet is full of the things in the ‘do not buy’ list – and few in the buy one. I’ve got to change that. About now should be a pretty good place to start this plan when I change from summer to fall/winter. You’ve definitely given me inspiration.

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