Vacation Bucket List Revisited

Well, the Vacation Bucket List kicked my butt. It taunted me daily with whispers in my
ear, “you didn’t shoot September content, loser” and “I thought you were going to go for a bra fitting, slacker!” Stupid Bucket List! I had been all gung-ho but got the wind knocked out of me on Day Two with You Know What and after that I was mostly licking my wounds and trying to just escape my mind. I did do SOME things…mostly the fun things. And maybe an extra thing or two that had not been on the list. So let’s see how I did.

Beach: Oh. Well. What can I say. I think I went twice. Which may have only been once. I just wasn’t really feeling it. And we had a lot of iffy weather days.

Create a FashionSchlub Pinterest account: Slid in under the wire with this one. I took my Bettye Rainwater Photography account and changed it over to Fashion Schlub and made all the photography boards (as well as some other wildly irrelevant ones) invisible. So it’s THERE, now I have to go back through a bunch of my posts and create pins for them.

Mani-pedi: ALL the nails on my right hand snapped off the first week so there was little to work with. Just waiting for everything to grow a bit again and then I’ll do this.

Finally list on ebay/etsy the clothes I photographed months ago: Uhm. Not even close. No excuse.

Go into the city to meet some online friends: I did that! I did that!

Get my slow-leaky front tire fixed or replaced: I got BOTH my front tires replaced (and a bent rim hammered out). I am woman, hear me roar.

And my headlight replaced: Yes!

The windshield wiper motor has been ordered, so that’s just a matter of time.

Watercolor every damn day: Uhm. Not once. I’m so ashamed.

One way or another get four new outfits all assembled at one time and shoot with the photographer: Nope. I have SO many excuses for this but I won’t bore you with them.

Set a $ goal for myself and Uber that much: Ha. Nope. Not once.

Figure out my videoing situation: Yes! To an extent! The new camera is SO much better. I will get additional lighting in time, but first I have to pay off the camera.

Do a sunflower field photo shoot out east: I tried, I swear. I really really tried.

Go for an eye exam and new glasses: Sigh. I’m such a loser. A loser with scratched, crooked glasses.

Finally style the etagere: I am still looking for some of the things I want to go on there. You’ll be the first one to know when it’s done.

Have a fitting for a well-fitting bra: Crap. No. And I REALLY need a new nude bra. The one I’m wearing has not one but TWO broken underwires that poke me all the livelong day.

Fire-pit s’mores night with pottery painting friends: I did that!

Clean out my email inbox: I got it HALF-emptied. From 2,000 something to 1,000 something. It’s so hard, I’d delete 100 and 100 new ones would come in. Ugh. I’m still working on it.

Leave the state: That is on this weekend’s agenda.

Empty Box Wall in the bedroom of all boxes: Yeah, right.

So what’s that, I did four things out of like a hundred?? Ha. Oh well. I TOLD you not to expect much of me. However, I also hung out in a pool, went to a cool art installation, got caught up on a couple Netflix shows (whose names are escaping me at the moment), slept through the night probably more than half the nights ( <- minor miracle right there, folks!), managed to hardly cook at all (yes!!!), read two books, did not check work email even once, did an engagement shoot, organized the kitchen (again) and paid a lot of attention to Janey cat. She was happy. So there’s that.

And now we’re back to “just barely getting what you HAVE to get done every day, done, let alone EXTRA stuff” life, so…no bucket lists for awhile.

Tell me this was not the most exciting blog post you’ve read all day.


12 thoughts on “Vacation Bucket List Revisited

  1. This is why I don’t do bucket lists. I never complete them, (Cuz, old and LIFE)
    Happy Birthday, Bettye.
    And this post was so fascinating, I can barely tear myself away.

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    1. I consider them my own personal little kick in the butt…otherwise I would Never Do ANYTHING. Really, it’s only cuz it was On The List that I got to the Pinterest thing At All on the very last day.

      Scintillating, stuff, right??


  2. Hey…just the fact that you created this bucket list is worth something. I didn’t even do that!!
    But you can’t do everything…vacation is all about relaxing!!
    Here’s your good friend giving you the nudge for the bra fitting though—–you’ll be so happy you did!!

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  3. Bucket list be damned! 😂 😆 😝 That was a huge list. I keep a list like that, I try to knock a couple things off of it every week. Some weeks are better than others. 😉

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    1. Ha, brain bucket lists. For me there’s some power in putting it out there publicly to the universe…like if I say it, and people read it…then I HAVE to do it. It may take awhile, but I WILL get that blasted bucket list done!

      Happy Birthday, whenever it is!


  4. Hi Bettye
    Well, you had lofty goals! That does count. I am a list maker too and it was alot to do, i think in your 2 weeks! Just feel glad you got some things accomplished. I didn’t go to the beach either. My hubby doesn’t love the water and I am the opposite, I do.. could make wanting to travel to the Carribean tricky!
    Sounds like you are doing well with the photography! I get more interested in it as timegoes on. Don’t feel bad about mani- pedi. I get a pedicure twice during the summer and do my own.
    Its alot of work just cleaning out the email inbox! That will take some time. Think of it as a work in progress!
    Have a great weekend!
    jess xx

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