Week in Review: Week 131

Which is actually Week 132 cuz I noticed going back through some old posts that I’d named the WIR post the same thing two weeks in a row. Whatever. So, here we are in Week 132 posting Week 131. Not confusing at all.

Back to work this week. I don’t know if the week was truly easier, or if I’m just still in Time Off Zen mode, either way, it was not too bad. And here it is, a 4-day weekend!

Last week was:

A clothing challenge I saw mentioned on Thriftshop Fashionista’s Instagram – I thought, ooh, that’d be fun to do…and immediately forgot about it til I just scrolled back and found this picture. Guh. Maybe next month 🙂


Pretty shadows on the wall…complete with Janey silhouette.


Why. Why. Why.




Office desk birthday party.


Beach sunset birthday party.


Flower birthday cake from my daughter.


My boss brought her new puppy in to meet us. I have a weird face on.


Trying to do “outfit of the day” again. That’ll last 5 minutes.

Dress: Rachel Roy Tencel, size 2x

Dinner out birthday party.


Office mate’s desk birthday party. But she was home sick and missed it 😦


Wow, look, two “outfit of the day” days in a row!

Dress: Sheragano rust Tencel swing dress, size 3x; Old Navy Palomino cardigan, 2x

We were supposed to go to Asbury Park, NJ on Saturday (which would have been my Bucket List Leaving the State item) but then the rain came…so we opted for another outing we’ve been trying to do, seeing the Escher exhibit at Industry City in Brooklyn. It was a perfect day for that, cool on and off light drizzle, no traffic or crowds (has everyone left NY??). The exhibit was EXCELLENT, but you will hear more about that this week.


While many people think of Escher as the guy who drew those never-ending staircases, there is so much more to his work. This was one of my favorites, “Three Worlds,” representing the three “worlds” – 1) the surface of the water with the leaves floating on it; 2) the forest, shown in the water’s reflection; and 3) the world below the surface, shown in the large fish swimming just below the water’s surface. The depth of the drawing, when you’re looking at it in person, was just amazing.


We finished up our day at Steve’s Key Lime Pie in Red Hook. I had a magical treat on a stick, which was a mini key lime tartlet w graham cracker crust, a layer of raspberry puree, all covered in dark Belgiany chocolatey goodness. Oh.


Today the rain cancelled my plans again, a multi-outfit photo shoot that I so desperately need…and the forecast is showing rain for days. So today I will be straightening up the apartment and doing laundry, watching movies and other at-home quiet things…and hoping for another peaceful week ahead.

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13 thoughts on “Week in Review: Week 131

    1. Oh yeah, the office desk birthday party (I see now that the pic is not showing up for some reason, will have to take a look at that) – there’s three of us in my office – and we all decorate and “gift up” one another’s desk for each other’s birthdays. It’s so fun to walk into work on your birthday morning and there’s flowers and confetti and candy and gifts!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Hi Bettye
    Sounds like a busy week! I am a sucker for cute doggy pictures as I have 2 shih tzus of my own and LOVE dogs! I laughed at your kitty in the tub. My pups do everything to avoid the tub! 🙂 Love the orange top on you, a great color! The Escher drawing is so impressive! Like you said the depth is amazing, you feel like you could reach into the water andpull out the frog!
    Happy Monday!
    jess xx

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    1. So far, so good – it helps that I am involved in a 4-day weekend situation 🙂 I don’t go back to work til tomorrow so yay. Considering options for the day. Was supposed to be rainy all day so had indoor work, reading and cleaning plans. Now it is NOT raining but it is quite warm and 2000% humidity, so photo shooting is out…thinking something adventurey is in order but haven’t quite come up with a plan.

      How about you?


      1. I’m back in Wisconsin enjoying the cool nights. The maple trees are already changing. 🍁 🍁 🍁 I loathe humidity….makes me super crabby. My hubby goes back home tomorrow and then my son is coming for a visit. He’s always a trooper when I wake him up at 2:00 in the morning to go look for the Northern lights. 😁

        Liked by 1 person

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