Week in Review: Week 132

Another week down. They’re ticking off faster and faster. At this point in my life I just hope I get to enjoy a little bit of retirement before I die.

Had a 4-day weekend. Rained a lot so didn’t do too much.

Pre-bra-fitting carb (and sugar)-loading. You’ll read more about this in a future post.


Just a touch of leopard!

bra closeup

Halloween ahead.


Wednesday was #NationalChocolateMilkshakeDay. Did you observe??

natl choc milkshake day 9.12.18

The adult clients at work are making and selling chakra bracelets. And I have chicken skin.


This smoothie. Neither good nor bad.


Saturday: headed to Brooklyn for the day.


We went to an art center thing that turned out to be more kid-friendly than adult-friendly. We did make woodblock cards that we colored. For my birthday ūüôā


Parked in front of this house in Bed-Stuy for lunch. I love all their tropical plants.


We went to a park in Bushwick for birthday cake and a little photo shoot and saw this other shoot going on. Theirs looks more interesting.

maria hernandez park 9.15.18 resized

Hunting for new street art.


The only reality is now.


Here’s a sad little story. We saw this wall mural in Bushwick. Later that night, when I dropped my friend off at her car, I was getting her things out of the hatch in the back in of the car…and there was a beautiful yellow and black butterfly…dead. I don’t know when it got in, or really why it would have died, it was not really hot in the car or anything. But…sad.




I have mixed feelings about the week ahead. It’s the week before a big work event and things can get stressful. But I also have Wednesday off so that’s nice. I’ll try and take a big breath each morning…and just let it out slowly all day long.

The end.



Come Along With Me: Escher Exhibit, Industry City, Brooklyn

This past weekend some friends and I¬†finally got to do something we’ve been wanting to do all summer, but were never all available on a Saturday – and this was a visit to Brooklyn’s new(ish) Industry City in Sunset Park…and the MC Escher exhibit.


Industry City used to be just dilapidated, mostly unused warehouse space along the waterfront of Sunset Park in south Brooklyn. Back in the day, ships would carry product/materials to Brooklyn’s waterfront area so it was mostly covered piers and warehouses for offloading and storage. Over time, this part of commerce has diminished, and with it, the need for so much storage space. Piers, so exposed to the elements and water, eventually crumbled or were disassembled…and giant warehouses were abandoned. There’s little to no residential space in these areas, so destruction and crime were rampant. But now, with space in the “cool” parts of Brooklyn becoming¬†so so expensive, developers are looking for new frontiers…and they found it in South Brooklyn.


Someone had the genius to buy up like 5 blocks of these old warehouses, renovate them, and turn them into trendy retail and community space. The buildings house shops, studios, galleries, food courts – all with magnificent high ceilings and giant windows creating incredible light-filled spaces. The outdoor spaces between the buildings have cafes, walkways, green spaces, a concert stage, art and seating. We browsed The Brooklyn Flea, had lunch, and partook of some photo opps in the many scenic spots.





But wait! There’s…


While just browsing the different sights and sounds (and snacks) of Industry City was fun for the day, the main attraction for us was the MC Escher exhibit. As I shared in my last post, a lot of people know the works of Escher from wall calendar pictures of never-ending staircases and other optical illusion type drawings. But there was so much more to his work and life.


He lived from 1898 to 1972. That is an amazing period of time to have experienced! Many say his work was more mathematical than artistic because of his frequent use of geometric shapes and exploring the concept of infinity in one dimension. The exhibit was so interesting because I never knew of his other kinds of work.


He frequently used tessellation in his work – which means repeating shapes without any overlaps or empty gaps. In the center of the image below you see the repeating shapes of white geese…and the space between them is repeating images of black geese.


And red bulldogs…and the opposing white bulldogs. I can’t draw ONE bulldog, ha!


Do you see Evil Black Bats? Or White Angels??


Tessellated flooring!


I love this one, almost like a botanical print, but see how everything fits in together almost like puzzle pieces?


I wonder if something like this….


…inspired someone like Keith Haring?


He created woodblocks, painstakingly carving out detailed images….and lithographs from the woodblocks.


And the most fun were the interactive features of the exhibition.

From this…


to this!


In this drawing he showed a keen control of perspective…


Then we got to play with real life forced perspective.




No perspective here, I was just pooped. We walked almost 3 miles that day. That’s a lot for fat old me!


Some final words from Mr. Escher.


One of the buildings in Industry City painted in a pop art comic book style.


After Escher and some lunch, we headed to Red Hook – another waterfront area in Brooklyn. We found a nice view of lower Manhattan – The Financial District – from a park.


And we ended up at Steve’s Key Lime Pie where I had one last treat before heading home.



It was a good day. I love exploring different neighborhoods and finding new things to see and do. Brooklyn is just an endless bounty of goodness for me. I hope you enjoyed “going along with me” and seeing some new places yourself.

I’ve been struggling for fashion-related content again with the very hot humid weather and¬†so¬†many rainy days. I like doing posts like this…as I like seeing where¬†you live and what you do! I’m thinking about doing a feature like this a couple times a month-ish. Since I’m not doing Sentence-a-Day anymore, this might be a nice replacement. Thoughts??

What I Wore:

Thanks to my friend Linda and That Other Friend Who Shall Remain Nameless for the pictures of me.

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Week in Review: Week 131

Which is actually Week 132 cuz I noticed going back through some old posts that I’d named the WIR post the same thing two weeks in a row. Whatever. So, here we are in Week 132 posting Week 131. Not confusing at all.

Back to work this week. I don’t know if the week was truly easier, or if I’m just still in Time Off Zen mode, either way, it was not too bad. And here it is, a 4-day weekend!

Last week was:

A clothing challenge I saw mentioned on Thriftshop Fashionista’s Instagram – I thought, ooh, that’d be fun to do…and immediately forgot about it til I just scrolled back and found this picture. Guh. Maybe next month ūüôā


Pretty shadows on the wall…complete with Janey silhouette.


Why. Why. Why.




Office desk birthday party.


Beach sunset birthday party.


Flower birthday cake from my daughter.


My boss brought her new puppy in to meet us. I have a weird face on.


Trying to do “outfit of the day” again. That’ll last 5 minutes.

Dress: Rachel Roy Tencel, size 2x

Dinner out birthday party.


Office mate’s desk birthday party. But she was home sick and missed it ūüė¶


Wow, look, two “outfit of the day” days in a row!

Dress: Sheragano rust Tencel swing dress, size 3x; Old Navy Palomino cardigan, 2x

We were¬†supposed¬†to go to Asbury Park, NJ on Saturday (which would have been my Bucket List Leaving the State item) but then the rain came…so we opted for another outing we’ve been trying to do, seeing the Escher exhibit at Industry City in Brooklyn. It was a perfect day for that, cool on and off light drizzle, no traffic or crowds (has everyone¬†left NY??). The exhibit was EXCELLENT,¬†but you will hear more about that this week.


While many people think of Escher as the guy who drew those never-ending staircases, there is so much more to his work. This was one of my favorites, “Three Worlds,” representing the three “worlds” – 1) the surface of the water with the leaves floating on it; 2) the forest, shown in the water’s reflection; and 3) the world below the surface, shown in the large¬†fish¬†swimming just below the water’s surface. The depth of the drawing, when you’re looking at it in person, was just amazing.


We finished up our day at Steve’s Key Lime Pie in Red Hook. I had a magical treat on a stick, which was a mini key lime tartlet w graham cracker crust, a layer of raspberry puree, all covered in dark Belgiany chocolatey goodness. Oh.


Today the rain cancelled my plans¬†again, a multi-outfit photo shoot that I so desperately need…and the forecast is showing rain for¬†days.¬†So today I will be straightening up the apartment and doing laundry, watching movies and other at-home quiet things…and hoping for another peaceful week ahead.

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It Couldn’t Be Easier

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 8.19.18 1 resized

Look familiar? I’ve worn (and shown!) this dress exactly 3,289 times (Give or take. Let’s just say it has long surpassed the 30th wearing!). It’s the infamous “invisible” black swing dress from asos. They almost always have some variation of it – right now they have a long-sleeved turtleneck version here.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 8.19.18 7 resized

The point is, I have worn it A Lot. If you’ve been following me for awhile you’ve seen it here, where I wore it to work everyday for a week to see if anyone noticed or cared (they didn’t); here, where I showed how to take a summer dress and wear it all year-round;¬†here¬†and I’m sure in many “what I wore this week” posts. I bought it in 2015 so it’s 3+ years old. I’ve worn it under cardigans, kimonos, vests, a denim jacket, an unbuttoned chambray blouse, and this day under a Tencel utility jacket. Suffice it to say I’ve gotten my money’s worth!

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 8.19.18 5 resized

On this day we were headed into Brooklyn for the day, looking for a thing I’d seen on Instagram, a cute little Mondrian-style greenhouse. I knew the approximate location, but reckoned there’d probably be a lot of walking to find it exactly. I wanted to do a photo shoot (cuz Brooklyn) and started to “dress up,” but then said nope, that’s not what I would¬†really wear when traipsing around who knows where, on a cool and sprinkly day.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 8.19.18 4 resized

So, on went the easy black dress, a light hooded jacket and Keds sneakers with Vionic arch support inserts, and off we went! I know this outfit is not exactly the stuff of great fashion blogs, but it’s¬†real.¬†And it couldn’t be easier.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 8.19.18 2 resized

Speaking of “the stuff of fashion blogs,” it’s so fun going into Brooklyn or Queens or the city because you actually see girls dressing the way you see in blogs. As opposed to (yawn) Long Island where they look like the product of a giant conglomerate of shopping malls, churning out the same stores, the same clothes, creating the same looks. I know, I know, look who’s talking, Miss Worn the Same Black Dress Times 27,000 times. But it’s a nice change of scenery.

mondrian greenhouse domino park 8.19.18 resized

Here is the story of the little colored glass house. And now it has ended up in this nice little community garden…but it seems they’re not sure if it will stay there.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 8.19.18 3 resized

Do you have one item that you’ve worn again and again and again with many different items to change the look?

What I Wore:

Thanks, Linda, for the pictures!

I’m linking up with:

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Week in Review: Week 128

I had a bit of computer/internet burnout this week. I had gotten most of my blog and Instagram stuff scheduled to post on the appropriate days, but…I didn’t get around to do my usual responding, commenting, linking-up, etc. So I apologize if you’ve taken the time to visit and I haven’t responded. I just needed a couple days.

I stayed home alone the first few days this week – in a little head funk – but by Wednesday I was ready for some fresh air and company and met up with a friend to try our hand at shooting the Milky Way. She’s been doing this for awhile, driving long distances to places with little ambient light, to sit and wait til the wee hours to¬†maybe get a good picture. I don’t really have a lot of interest in this and definitely don’t have the right equipment for it, but it was nice to get deli sandwiches and sit down by the water and wait for it to get dark. Unfortunately it was a little hazy and cloudy that night and we could never spot the MW, let alone get pictures of it. But it was still a nice evening.

Dinner View
Star App – you point your cell phone up towards the sky and it identifies stars, planets, constellations, etc. Pretty cool. I’m Virgo.
My ghost friend.

Friday night we went down to the park to enjoy the live music. It had been hot and humid all day but in the evening there were stiff winds off the harbor cooling the area down…and lightning in the distance, speeding the musicians along. A lovely evening.


We headed to the ice cream shop afterwards, where I saw this sign. Might be interesting to check out. And Free Refreshments!


Went into Brooklyn on Sunday with a couple friends to check out on a new park on the Williamsburg waterfront.

dear nyc 8.19.18 resized

I have mixed feelings about all the new shiny fanciness in Brooklyn and Queens. I miss the grunginess. I worry about where all the people went who used to live in these inexpensive out of the way places that are now fashionable and expensive.

watson domino park 8.19.18 resized

I did like this community garden with the mondrian greenhouse.

mondrian greenhouse domino park 8.19.18 resized

Work in Progress


Outside where we had lunch.


Then we went to Bushwick Collective, a street art collective in what used to be a low-rent industrial part of Bushwick…and is now way more expensive than the likes of me can afford (I lived there before it was cool).


Giant Pug.


Big eyes and camo steps.


Some entertaining things I saw around the web this week…

A bear rug, literally.

This DIY is so lovely…and something I think I could actually do!

I’m a pudding LOOVVERR…how have I never heard of this??

The Most Beautiful Fish Ever.

And that’s all she wrote! The week started weak and ended strong.