The Quiet Season

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So, Q1 2018 has been a quiet one for me. Especially after last year – finding out I was sick, in and out of the hospital, surgery, treatments, a family reunion trip, packing and moving to a new town and apartment…yeah. A lot went on last year.

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This year, quiet. Feeling better, my scans and blood-work have all been clean, I’m more or less settled in the apartment. Caleb is not up to much walking so I don’t take him many places anymore…and my feet have been in such pain I’m reluctant to do anything that requires a lot of walking myself. My “special friend” up and disappeared so there have been no nice dates or outings. I’ve been reading a lot. A  LOT. And now with the MoviePass app have started going to the movies again.

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So it’s been quiet. And solitary. And I like spending a lot of time alone…but lately I’m feeling it’s a little too much. I really never get lonely.  But when there are too many days in a row of nothing but work, reading, having dinner alone, working on the blog, going to bed around 9pm…I start to feel the solitude. And the sameness to the days. And the feeling of “is that all there is” starts creeping over me. Hopefully part of this is just the winter doldrums…that even though it’s Spring and we’re into April, it still feels like winter outside and I’m more apt to come home and want to get cozy and warm indoors than to head out to find a sunset. Maybe when the weather actually breaks I’ll feel different and more motivated to be outside and do different things.

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My wardrobe has the winter doldrums, too! It’s been cold for so long so I’m still in my warm winter clothes…and I’ve had just about enough of them! I feel I’ve mixed and matched everything every which way and I’m really ready for some fresh items to wear!

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So you’ve seen all these items before – the striped tee, the skinny jeans, the army green cascade vest – just maybe not the blush pink Vans (I did wear them in California in February) – but I don’t think I’ve worn all these pieces together before on the blog. My apologies on more indoor tripod shots, hopefully I can get some photographer time in the weeks ahead now that it’s staying light later.

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My helpers. So, I’m not totally alone, but….

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What I Wore:

  • Black and white striped tee from New Look, size 3x. Sold out, similar here and here
  • Plus size Refuge Skin Tight Legging Jeans from Charlotte Russe, size 22
  • Ava & Viv from Target army green cascade vest, size 3x. Sold out, comparable here and here
  • Van’s Ward V velcro sneaker in Blush, here
  • Rainbow earrings – I got mine at Macy*s Backstage and don’t recall the brand. Search “pastel rainbow earrings” on Etsy and see a gazillion options!

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Switching Out My Wardrobe from Summer to Winter

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So, I FINALLY got around to switching out my warm weather wardrobe for cold. We had such a lovely long pleasant Indian summer here on Long Island, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it any earlier even though I’d had to pull an item or two out for the few chillier days…and I had already bought a couple new things (see Fall Haul). The video got so so long as I explained my reasons for leaving this in or taking that out…that I decided to split it into two videos. So, Part 1 is taking out warm weather items…and Part 2 is putting in cold weather items. Ha, it kinda sounds like watching paint dry, but I know I LOVE watching this kind of stuff, so…maybe you will, too!

I’m still working on improving the production quality of my videos. I realize that in my Fall Haul video it got so dark it was practically impossible to tell a black item from a dark green one from a plaid one. My apologies. I’m very aware of the imperfections and will rectify them asap. I begged a good friend to go with me to my storage unit yesterday so we could dig out (among other things) my tub of lighting equipment from my vintage clothing selling days, so hopefully that will be better soon. And I think I’ve resolved the lens focus motor noise.

Meanwhile, I’m still trying to round out my cold weather wardrobe by online shopping like a madwoman…and returning like five things for every one kept – online plus size shopping is a Very Slow Process. But so there will be ANOTHER Fall Haul video soon…I promise not as big as the first!

Thanks so so much for sticking around while I learn the ropes about videoing and YouTube. I appreciate every like and view I get! I hope you’ll watch “Switching Out My Wardrobe from Summer to Winter: Part 1” and give it a thumbs up!

Target Try-On

It’s almost the winter solstice and I’m still trying to round out my wardrobe for the season. I am definitely lacking The Things that Go Under the Other Things. I have a few cardigans that right now really go over ONE thing, like a dress…and all the items in my closet need to do double or triple duty, so I’m looking for more layering pieces. I’m STILL looking for a white and grey tee or lightweight knit…a white button down blouse…and maybe a blushy nudey pink top. And a couple warm stand-alone (don’t need to go under or over something else) sweaters. So…as I hit Target weekly for tampons, etc., I always take a look through the plus size section. Here’s what I optimistically took into the dressing room with me last weekend.


NOPE. Clearly.


This was a better fit and more of a lightweight sweater vs. the first one that was a stretchy tee. But I don’t like having such a big “v” in the cold weather. This is an ongoing challenge I find with plus size tops – the neck-holes are too damn big. They’re too low and too wide.


I have really wanted a grey heavy knit sweater. This is not it.


Here’s what I’m finding about Ava&Viv fit – for ME. It seems to be sized for tall columnar bodies. I am neither tall not columnar. I am short. And stout. Like a teapot. I find Lane Bryant (and Ralph Lauren Woman, come to think of it!) are this same silhouette. As sizes go up, items get taller/longer rather than wider. I’m not a big Avenue fan anymore, style-wise, but they have more of a boxy, wide fit I find, which suits me better. I think I should stop wasting my time on Ava&Viv.


And the trend continues. This wasn’t AWFUL. I like the color, I would like some wine in my wardrobe…but while it was long in the length and sleeves, it was too stretchy/clingy in the back. I felt like I was playing dress-up in grown-up’s clothes.


And the last item, the only piece that was not Ava&Viv, was this camel Merona sleeveless blazer/vest. It was on the clearance rack and even though it was a 16 I thought maybe because it’s worn open and there are no sleeves, it MIGHT work. Nope.

Note: most everything I tried on was 40% off the ticket prices shown. But even with that discount, nothing was right or worth spending the money on.

The search continues. Sigh.

Where have you been finding nice winter plus size clothes, like sweaters with necks?