Week in Review: Week 44

This week was work work work cough cough cough. I’m just feeling a lot of negative input from around my life and the people close to me. A lot of illness, sadness, loss. I really need to find a little bright spot in the week ahead.

This was the night I said goodbye to my daughter…as she is returning to Florida to live. Caleb and I went over to see her one last time. I know she’ll be back soon to visit…but it is just not the same.


If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen this – a Throwback Thursday to my Very First Outfit of the Day post back in September 2015.

Karen Kane swing dress, 3x; Kohl’s Apt 9 cardigan, 3x; Old Navy flipflops

Getting ready for a photo shoot that didn’t happen.


Most every night this week I came straight home from work and got on the sofa with a book. I didn’t even feel like being on the computer. And I ALWAYS feel like being on the computer. So I was very happy when a friend was able to go into Brooklyn with me yesterday to see the Marilyn Minter “Dirty Pretty” exhibit at Brooklyn Museum. Very interesting.


We sat and watched this film several times through, it was mesmerizing, this is just about 30 seconds of it. It was the size of the wall, so maybe…14′ high by like 20′ across.

And this one also…

We looked at some other exhibits but as soon as we realized it was snowing we hightailed it out because driving in snow is one of my least favorite things to do! This was as soon as we left the museum…but it took over 2 hours to get home and by that time the roads were not good 😦


And now I’m on day two of a three day weekend and then it’s back to work…and some sad things. So…I’ve got my eyes open for a “nice” opportunity because I could really use that this week.

Hope you all have some joy this week ahead.


2 thoughts on “Week in Review: Week 44

  1. Yeah, I wish I could give you a good thing to think about, but this week is going to be tough. So is next week. Probably many weeks. Ummmmmm, do you have a good book you’re reading? Maybe a good recipe to try? Some more art therapy? That’s all I got. So sorry about your daughter leaving but you gotta let them go. You do have a faithful and loyal canine companion though. That’s a good thing! There we’ll leave it on that note.


  2. Hey, let’s do lunch! That’d be fun 🙂

    I’m reading a meh book, boo, but feel committed to finishing it cuz I like the author (JoJo Moyes).

    The week ahead has a wake and a funeral…MAYBE a coffee meeting with an old friend…and a bonus check on Friday for my 10-year anniversary at my job, so then I can have a LITTLE retail therapy…and MAYBE finally plan a trip to CA to meet my new grand-niece! So…there are some potential goodies ahead…trying to stay focused on them.

    Thanks for the note and good thought 🙂


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