Weeks in Review: 54-58

Yeah, one of these days I’ll get back on track with regular weekly Week in Reviews. This year continues to just be Crazytown. I can’t believe it is April 1…and yet it is. February and March are dead to me. But let’s get caught up and hope for a better week!

I spent 15 days in the hospital between February & March. This was surreal and not so much fun…


Except for…gifties and flowers and balloons and visits…


…and a daughter who snuck in special treats…


so we could have a little St. Patrick’s Day fun.


When I was FINALLY released I discovered she (daughter) had gotten me a nice new bed set…what a pleasure to sleep in after the scratchy hospital sheets.


I had some packages waiting at home for me – things I’d ordered before all this nonsense began. I’d been excited for this cute grey and white striped tee dress from Lane Bryant but it was kind of gigundo and I’ve returned it. Still on the lookout for soft comfy clothes for spring and summer.


As soon as I was up to a little outing we drove to a nearby beach for a short sunset stroll. I’d missed seeing this.


Janey has been thoroughly enjoying my surgery recovery time. For many days in a row I was just horizontal on the sofa from morning til night. Having sofa company pleased her no end.

JANEY 3.17

I had some more unpleasant news from the doctor this past week when they got the pathology report from my surgery. In a nutshell, they did *not* get all the cancer out with the hysterectomy. I have now been diagnosed with Stage 3 Uterine cancer and they’re recommending radiation and then chemotherapy. I’m getting a second opinion but I’m not expecting to hear anything radically different from the original recommendation. This doesn’t feel like my life. And yet….

Work sent me these flowers that day. And yes, Work Family, I COULD use a drink.


The doctor cleared me for work and driving so I went and got a haircut. I went to a nutritionist to hear about things to eat and/or avoid during chemo.


And yesterday I had the nicest day I’ve had in ages…just being NORMAL…a wonderful friend picked me up for a drive to the ocean…and in spite of the wind and rain, it was just so nice to be out of the apartment, not doing anything health related. I really value a day like that.


So. I go back to work Monday. I think I worked 9 days in February (between snow days, the Maine adventure, winter break and being in the hospital) and like 2 days in March. I’ll have a couple normalish weeks now and then I start my treatments. So I’ll be here when I can. I miss the blog. I miss planning outfit posts. But against my will (ha) other things are pushing their way to the top of the list.

Hope you all have a great week.

PS – I just realized it’s April Fool’s Day. I wish this post was an April Fool’s joke…but it’s not.

xoxo Bettye


10 thoughts on “Weeks in Review: 54-58

  1. Sending positive thoughts and love your way. Sorry the road got bumpier! Seems life has a way of doing that when least expected but with all the love and support you have in your life you will find strength to push through.😍🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Barbara. People have been SO great – driving me places, shopping for me, etc., making this time as easy for me as possible. I’m so grateful. But still…anxious about what’s to come 😦


  2. Well, you look great! Not a fun road you’re traveling for sure. Will it be fun? No! But you can fight this – and you can win! It sounds like you have a great support group – and that means the world. You continue in my prayers – for strength, peace and healing.


  3. Well that totally sucks! So we’ll still be here wanting to hear about your successful completion and full recovery! It will be unlike any before! A medical miracle! You’ll look and feel better! Ok. Fine. I’ll be here on this screen with lots of words but will be sending you strength through the wind. I have lots to spare. Go get this cancer and show it who’s boss!!!!


  4. Hi, Bettye. Such a deal you have been given. I am very sorry you have to go through this. Please continue to blog. You can teach us how to get through this ordeal. And we can give you moral support. We can resume fashion when you are better. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Amber. I hope to continue blogging at least a little bit, even if it’s What to Wear to Chemo or Fabulous Head Coverings or whatnot. I don’t want to turn this into a “cancer blog,” but I do want to share whatever my experiences are as I live them. Thanks for reading!


  5. Oh my friend…I am so very sorry that you are going through this. At this stage in my life I am more than aware that life just isn’t fair and yet when I find out something like this, I can’t help but ponder the fairness vs. unfairness in regard to things happening to good people vs. bad people. You seem as if your attitude is good so keep on with it; that and the love and support of the people in your life is what will you get you through to the other side. You are definitely blessed with an excellent daughter! I love that she brought you treats and surprised you with new bedding. Sometimes the little things make all the difference. Hugs and love to you. xo


    1. Thanks, Debbie. I *am* fortunate to have a lot of good people around me who have been so supportive and helpful…they help make an unbearable time bearable. And now I have new “internet friends” like you and others. So in the friend department I’m feeling pretty blessed.



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