What I Wore This Week

It was back to work this week so I actually wore clothes, not just nightgowns and bathing suits (lucky for you).

Day 1: On Sunday I went to a wake so was more “dressed” than I’d been all vacation.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 7.8.18 1 resized
Loft Plus dress, size 24, old. Similar here and here in plus size and here and here in straight size. Old Navy plus size duster cardigan, size 2x. Similar here in straight size. Taryn Rose comfiest shoes ever. This style no longer available, similar here.

Day 2: First day back to work outfit of the day. I went for easy dressing and fit to ease back into work. If I look a little mussed and creased it’s cuz I went to the beach after work and rolled the dress up into my bag while I was in my bathing suit.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 7.9.18 1 resized
Old Navy plus size dress, size 24. This style no longer available, similar here and here in plus size and here and here in straight size. Avenue crochet cardi, old. Similar here and here in plus size and here and here in straight size. Lil’ white Keds

Day 3: It was hotter again today, but it’s always cool in my office so my summer work outfits almost always include a cardigan.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 7.9.18 2 resized
Sheragano dress, size 22. Still available in other colors. Old Navy plus size duster length cardi – same as the black one above, just in “palomino.” Size 2x. 

Day 4: And then there was The Lazy Outfit of the Day. I got up early early to drive a friend to the airport before work and I just wanted easy peasy clothes. And sneakers Just in Case.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 7.9.18 3 resized
New Look plus size striped tee, size 3x, old. Comparable here and here in plus size and here and here in straight size. Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda jeans, size 22W short. 

Day 5:  I hadn’t intended to wear stripes two days in a row! I switched my Thursday and Friday outfits this morning when I realized how pleasant it was out – opting to wear the cardigan outfit today and the lighter outfit tomorrow. That’s why it’s nice to have the week’s outfits all planned out and hung up together – I can do last minute switches very easily, just grab another day’s hanger and I’m ready. I put all the items for each day on one hanger when I plan out the week – pants, dress, cardi, etc. Now if I could just stop accidentally hitting some key that deletes half my post, I’d be golden!

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 7.9.18 4 resized
Old Navy striped tee dress, old. Comparable here and here in plus size and here and here in straight size. Old Navy open-front duster length cardigan, size 2x, also in straight size here. Keds sneakers.

I put together a short video about the outfits where you can see them more “in action.” Pretty exciting stuff!

Hope y’all had a nice week and have a nice weekend ahead planned for yourself!

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Week in Review: Week 93

Thanksgiving is behind us and now we’re racing ahead to Christmas – and if not Christmas, what holiday (if any) will you be celebrating this winter? I feel like every year I hear about more different holidays, and really, growing up, I only heard about *my* holidays, and since that’s all my family celebrated, that’s all I knew there was. I’m so grateful that school-children these days are being taught about many different ethnicities and what they celebrate. That’s a big step towards future inclusivity.

It’s weird, in some ways I feel we’re – humanity as a whole – getting so much better about accepting that there are people that are different than we are and accepting them as just as valued? Entitled? Not sure of the right word there, but…that we ALL have a place here. No one is more entitled than anyone else…and no one is less entitled. In theory. Because in many ways I feel we’re going way off the rails as far as valuing everyone equally, and treating  them equally. And *I* certainly don’t know what the answer is – but education is a big part of it.

Whoa. That got real serious real fast. Just thinking of the holidays got me started.

Anyway. This week!  The highlight was definitely doing a photo shoot with Jennifer of Peanut&Pip Photography…with Caleb. Her photography is amazingly beautiful and I’m thrilled with the outcome (it looks like WordPress is mucking with photo quality here). My boy is getting so old and while I have tons of pictures of him, I don’t have any nice pictures of us. And I will treasure this forever.


It’s getting more and more challenging for me to catch sunsets these days, but I did get to see this lovely sky on my way home that day.


Work outfits for the week ahead.


My weekly hair update, ha. It’s coming in…interesting how varied the color and growth rate is all around my head.


Really making an effort to see as many sunsetty skies as possible. It gives me a chance to just take a moment and go, ahhhhh.


I loved this cardi from Gwynnie Bee. You’ll see it more in an upcoming blog post.


Up early working at the computer…and the kids were hanging out behind me.


Another OOTD from this week. I realized I was wearing a lot of solids on solids and they needed something to break up the big expanse of “solid colored boob area,” either a necklace or a scarf. After this summer I certainly have no shortage of scarves, so…Plus, it was an exceptionally balmy day for November and I got one more day of bare legs in. Yay.


Say it with me now….AHHHHHH.


The current state of things. I’ve still got some boxes around but at least they’re pretty. My goal is to have the living room totally devoid of boxes before the Christmas tree arrives. I better get on that!


And my Big News (ha)…I’m doing Vlogmas this month on my Fashion Schlub YouTube channel. Now, I’m almost embarrassed to mention it cuz the production quality is so so bad…BUT I really hope that by doing a vlog Every Single Day for the next 24 days I will have improved, at least in some areas. Anyway, the quality has nowhere to go but up, so…that’s something to look forward to! They’re short, just sort of a look at my day, a little fashion, a little miscellaneous. If you’re interested, here’s Vlogmas Day 1 (please have very low expectations, ha). And I would love if you would leave a comment on the page or a “thumbs up”!

Ask Me How I Am

fashion schlub plus size 6.29.16 3 resized

Go on. Ask me.

“Okay, how are you?”


In the field.

Ba dum-bump. Sorry. I hadda. Corny Daddy jokes run deep in my veins.

fashion schlub plus size 6.29.16 1 resized

Anyway, just a simple outfit post here. But can I just say that a year ago I would NEVER have worn a sleeveless top out in public. Never. Ever. Never ever.

So, this is the chosen tunic top from the Target try-on haul a couple days ago. I’m wearing a black cami under it due to the ginormous arm holes. I’m not happy about it but I’m doing it. I WILL prevail over the cavernous arm holes on sleeveless tops. I will (shakes fist at sky).

fashion schlub plus size 6.29.16 4 resized

This was nice to wear. Ava & Viv from Target, lightweight rayon, size 3x. Nice drape. I could even wear it unbuttoned over a black tee or dress as a vest-type thing. Ooh, lookit me with the layering creativity!

And *speaking* of layering creativity, my new friend Debbie (aka The Queen of Layering) over at Fashion Fairy Dust has been been nominated for Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger Of The Year. Whoa! The Pittsburgh Style Week (hope I’m saying this right!) recognizes the leading men and women in fashion, business, and the arts and honors them for their extraordinary accomplishments. If you have just a moment and could trot over to the voting page, take a look at the nominees, then Vote for Fashion Fairy Dust (cuz, you know, she’s the best), that would be amazing and I will be your very best friend.

Style Week Pittsburgh <- Vote there! Scroll down a-ways to “Meet the Nominees – FASHION & LIFESTYLE BLOGGER OF THE YEAR” and give Debbie your vote.

fashion schlub plus size 6.29.16 2 resized

And ps, my amazing daughter has been doing some of my photo shoots lately…like this one! She’s doing a great job, don’t you think??

And THAT, my friends, wraps up my 30-DAY BLOG EVERY DAY CHALLENGE!!! I kinda can’t believe I actually did it. I kinda think Pittsburgh should give ME an award, too!

While challenging, it was actually kinda fun. And it was very exciting to see how many new followers I got during the 30 days. Thanks You Guys, for reading and following and commenting. I felt I little alone here back 30 days ago…and now I feel like I’ve made some new friendships…and rekindled some old ones. But now I will let myself off the hook a bit and return to a more manageable, 3ish times a week.

See you in a couple days!!!

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